Mario Birthday Party Ideas

Keep the birthday child and guests busy for hours with an action-action-packed Mario party! We will talk about what food to serve, party decoration ideas and some fun games for the kids!

Super Mario Inspired Birthday Decorations

Super Mario Printable by LucasPartyStudio

Mario Party Food Fare

  1. Star Power sandwiches: Use your favorite sandwich filling (peanut butter and jelly, Nutella and bananas, and ham and Swiss are kid-friendly favorites) then use a large star cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes using a tiny dab of mayonnaise.
  2. Sky jello with fluffy clouds: Using three small boxes of blue jello, create your dessert in a 13×9-inch pan. Right before serving, add whipped cream to resemble clouds.
  3. Firepower Flower Fruit/Veggie Platter: Use a small container of fruit/veggie dip for the center of the flower. Add black olive eyes. Around the circular dip container, add three layers of colorful fruits or veggies in a circular pattern. Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, strips of red, yellow or orange bell peppers, fresh pineapple chunks, sliced strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe slices work well. Create the stem using green produce, such as cucumbers, zucchini, green bell peppers, kiwi slices or grapes. Add “leaves” using broccoli, sugar-snap pea pods, green apples or pears.
  4. Create party bags for guests to take home: Fill purchased Mario-themed bags or boxes with toys and snacks like K’nex Mario figure mystery bags, Mario-themed fruit snacks, chocolate gold coins, bubble gum tape, finger lasers, Mario-themed pencils/erasers and Mario candy. mario gold coins
  5. Mario cheese hats: Tape half a red construction circle to a Babybel cheese circle to resemble the hat’s bill and add a small, black “M” sticker in a white oval made from construction paper to the cheese circle for an instant Mario hat. The tape won’t actually touch the food as children remove the red wax circle from the Babybel to reveal the cheese.
  6. Piranha plant fruit skewers: Thread green grapes on a bamboo skewer and top with a large strawberry with a wedge cut out in the middle to resemble an open mouth. Arrange them in a flowerpot container before placing on the food table.
  7. Star Power rice treats: Create homemade marshmallow rice treats dyed with yellow food coloring and use a star cookie cutter to create shapes and an edible marker, mini chocolate chips or frosting to create the eyes.
  8. deviled “Yoshi” eggs: Serve deviled “Yoshi” eggs by dying the egg yolk mixture green before filling the egg whites.
  9. Label a bowl or cheese balls “fire power,” a bowl of powdered sugar doughnuts “ice power” and a bowl of malt balls “Yoshi eggs”.
  10. Using poster board, cut out mustache and princess crown shapes. Use a hole punch to cut a hole in the middle of each and thread onto colorful straws for a fun, embellished straw to add to bottles of water or Hawaiian punch.

Mario Party Decorations

Star-shaped Balloon


  1. Starman balloons: Purchase gold foil star balloons (readily available at most party stores) and add lines for the eyes with black tape or permanent marker.
  2. Create question marks from pieces of yellow felt. Hang from the ceiling in the party area
  3. Use different sizes of cardboard boxes to create 3D decorations around the room. Glue half with red construction paper and half with yellow construction paper. On the red ones, use a permanent black marker to create a brick pattern. Create block-style question marks from white construction paper and glue in the middle of the yellow-covered boxes. Add small white construction-paper circles in the corners.
  4. Hang gold paper plates from the ceiling to resemble coins.
  5. Cut white clouds from construction paper and tape on the walls.
  6. Tie red balloons with white construction paper circles to balloon weights.
  7. Using PVC pipe, create a “warp pipe” by painting green. Add colorful flowers to the pipe “vase”.

mario party supply

Crafts / Activities

  1. Create a word scramble using Mario-themed objects and phrases, like Power Up, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Starman, mushroom, video game, Nintendo, firepower flower, etc.
  2. Create paper sack party bags with markers, crayons and stickers.
  3. Fill a mason jar with M&M “fireball” candies. Ask guests to guess how many candies are in the jar. The one with the closest number wins the jar filled with candies.
  4. Super Mario photo booth: Hang Mario-themed wrapping paper on a wall. This will serve as your background. Provide red balloons with white construction paper circles (mushrooms), cut out mustaches, blue overalls, construction paper stars and more to use as photo props
  5. Create a question mark piñata from a cardboard box

Mario Party Games

  1. Play classic “Hot Potato” using a small Mario toy or stuffed animals as the game piece. Play the video game’s music in the background and when it stops, whoever has the game piece is out. Continues rounds until two people are left to play for the win.
  2. Pop the mushrooms: Blow up small red and green balloons. Add white circles using a permanent marker or construction paper to resemble Mario mushrooms. Put 30 seconds on a timer and see how many balloons each guest can sit on and pop during that time. The one that pops the most wins a prize.
  3. Pin the mustache on Mario. Draw or print a copy of Mario’s face and cut tiny mustaches from brown construction paper. The child that gets the mustache closest to Mario’s lips while blindfolded wins.
  4. Yoshi egg race: Tape a few plastic tablecloths to the floor. Line guests up in teams of two across from each other. Using real eggs decorated with green circles courtesy of permanent markers, provide one member from each team with a small spoon and see who can get it to their partner in the fastest time without it falling off the spoon and breaking. Award a prize to the winner.
  5. Print free mario bingo cards or order ones from Etsy and have fun playing classic bingo, offering large candy bars for prizes.

  6. Place a large green bucket in the center of the room. Give each guest a set of six balls in different colors. Set a timer for 10 seconds. Whoever gets the most “fireballs” in the bucket wins a prize.

Game Prize Ideas

Mario Pens for Kids

Mario Pens by ZipitSupplies

  1. Mario-themed card games
  2. Mario pencils, pens and erasers
  3. Giant candy bar wrapped in Mario-themed wrapping paper
  4. Mario figurines
  5. Mario stuffed animals
  6. Super Mario Bros. water bottle
  7. Mario puzzle
  8. Package of chocolate coins
  9. Large punch balloon
  10. Large red rubber play ball

Mario Party Cake Ideas

Mario Kart Inspired Cake Toppers

Mario Cake by AvasCakeCreations

  1. Frost chocolate cupcakes in different bright colors and add white fondant circles or white candy melt circles to resemble mushrooms.
  2. Frost white cupcakes with light blue icing and add different edible decorations like star-shaped sprinkles, green vines drawn with a frosting tip, green fondant “warp pipes,” Mario rice-paper logos (order online), red brick licorice and more.
  3. Create a racetrack cake by designing a simple racetrack with brown and yellow frosting and adding Mario figurines and checkered flags
  4. Make a super easy Mario face cake using these step-by-step instructions at Meet Pennyhow to make mario cake
  5. Create three cube cake layers. Frost the bottom layer red and draw brick designs using black cake gel or an edible marker. Frost the middle layer blue and add fondant white clouds. Frost the top layer yellow and add fondant white question marks or Mario cake topper figurines.

Party Checklist

Download Free Checklist PDF File

FREE mario party checklist and shopping list

One month before the party:

___ Set a day and time

___ Make a budget

___ Create a guest list

___ Buy and send invitations

___ Schedule vendors like musicians and entertainers

___ Establish a menu

___ Order food, if event is being catered

___ Book rental items like tents, tables/chairs and linens

___ Choose party games

___ Recruit friends and family to help, if needed

___ Order personalized party items, like banners, balloons and favors

___ Order cake

___ Order flowers


Two weeks before the party:

___ Shop for non-perishable grocery items

___ Purchase paper party supplies

___ Purchase game prizes

___ Purchase decorations

___ Craft pin-the-mustache on Mario game

___ Print Mario bingo cards

___ Create warp pipe vases and fill with flowers

___ Print word scramble sheets

___ Clean the house

___ Create question mark decorations

___ Craft 3D decorations

___ Prepare white clouds

___ Confirm rental reservations

___ Prepare embellished straws


One week before the party:

___ Fill and count M&Ms in jar

___ Bake cake

___ Wash glassware

___ Press linens, if using your own

___ Access serving dishes, and utensils, if using your own

___ Create photo booth area, lay out props

___ Make, fill and hang piñata

___ Prepare treat bags


Day before the party:

___ Pick up gold star balloons

___ Shop for fresh, perishable grocery items

___ Place black electrical tape on gold foil Star Power balloons

___ Blow up balloons

___ Tape white construction paper circles to red balloons

___ Decorate eggs for egg race

___ Prepare blue jello

___ Frost and decorate cake, cupcakes

___ Make Mario cheese hats

___ Prep Piranha plant skewers

___ Prepare Star Power rice treats

___ Make deviled Yoshi eggs

___ Pick up rental items

___ Cut up fruit/veggies

___ Make and chill drinks

___ Organize party space, re-arrange furniture


Morning of party:

___ Shower and get dressed

___ Put out yard signs

___ Hang streamers

___ Hang garland

___ Hang gold paper plates

___ Hang white cloud wall decorations

___ Organize food table

___ Set up games

___ Gather together game items

___ Prepare Star Power sandwiches

___ Prepare Firepower Flower fruit/veggie platter

___ Set out bowls of cheese balls, powdered sugar doughnuts and malt balls

___ Decorate party area

___ Fill warp pipe vases with flowers

___ Charge phone or camera

Party Shopping List

If you’re planning a special event, don’t forget the details. Make sure everything is covered with this handy shopping list:


For Star Power sandwiches:

___ Favorite sandwich filling

___ Bread

___ Mini chocolate chips

For Sky Jello:

___ Three small boxes blue jello

___ Whipped cream

For Firepower fruit/veggie platter:

___ Fruit or veggie dip

___ Two black olives

___ Assortment of fruits/veggies:

___ Baby carrots

___ Cherry tomatoes

___ Red, yellow or orange bell peppers

___ Pineapple chunks

___ Strawberries

___ Blueberries

___ Cantaloupe

___ Green stem produce:

___ Cucumbers

___ Zucchini

___ Green bell peppers

___ Kiwi

___ Green grapes

___ Green leaves produce:

___ Broccoli

___ Sugar-snap pea pods

___ Green apples

___ Pears

For party bags:

___ Mario-themed fruit snacks

___ Chocolate coins

___ Bubble gum tape

___ Mario-themed candy

For cheese hats:

___ Babybel cheese circles

For Piranha plant fruit skewers:

___ Green grapes

___ Large strawberries

For Star Power rice treats:

___ Crisped rice cereal

___ Butter

___ Mini marshmallows

___ For eyes: Edible marker, mini chocolate chips or frosting

For Yoshi deviled eggs:

___ Eggs

___ White vinegar

___ Mustard

___ Mayonnaise

___ Green food coloring

___ Cheese balls

___ Powdered sugar doughnuts

___ Malt balls

___ Bottled water

___ Individual bottles of Hawaiian punch

___ M&Ms

___ Eggs, enough for egg race

___ Giant candy bars, for game prizes

___ Chocolate coins, for game prizes

___ Cake

­___ Ice cream

___ Frosting

___ White fondant or candy melts

___ Edible decorations, like star-shaped sprinkles, green fondant, Mario rice-paper logos (order online), red brick licorice

___ Cupcake liners

___ Black cake gel


Paper Supplies

___ Paper plates

___ Paper cups

___ Plastic forks

___ Plastic spoons

___ Plastic knives

___ Toothpicks

___ Napkins

___ Cake paper plates

___ Small cake or beverage napkins

___ Napkin holder

___ Utensil holder

___ Tablecloths or table coverings

___ Card box

Party Supplies

___ Save the Date cards

___ Invitations

___ Game prizes

___ Thank you notes

___ Candles

___ Cake decorations, like Mario figurines and checkered flags

___ Cupcake liners

___ Cube cake pan

___ Mario cake topper

___ Cake platter, server

___ Ice cream scoop

­­___ Coffee maker

___ Punch bowl

For party bags:

___ K’nex Mario figure mystery bags

___ Finger lasers

___ Mario-themed pencils/erasers

For cheese hats:

___ Red construction paper

___ Black “M” sticker

___ White construction paper

For Piranha plant fruit skewers:

___ Bamboo skewers

___ Green plastic flowerpot

___ Star cookie cutter (for Star Power sandwiches and Star Power rice treats

___ Assorted colors of construction paper for food labels and decorations

For embellished straws:

___ Brown posterboard for mustaches

___ Plastic straws

___ Yellow posterboard for crowns

___ Hole punch


___ Banners

___ Red balloons

___ Balloon weights

For Starman balloons:

___ Gold foil star balloons

___ Black electrical tape

___ Ribbon

___ Centerpieces

___ Confetti

For question mark decorations:

___ Yellow felt

___ White felt

___ Ribbon

___ Party hats

___ Streamers

___ Garland

For 3D decorations:

___ Cardboard boxes

___ Yellow construction paper

___ Red construction paper

___ White construction paper

___ Black permanent marker

___ Glue

___ Yard signs

___ Photo booth background and accessories

___ Mario-themed wrapping paper

___ Paper mustaches

___ Blue overalls

___ Paper construction stars

___Red balloons

___ White construction paper

___ Piñata

___ Gold paper plates

___ For warp pipe vases:

___ PVC pipe

___ Green paint

__ Fresh flowers

___ Treat bags


___ Computer paper for printable word scramble

___ Plain paper party sacks

___ Markers

___ Crayons

___ Mario stickers


___ Small Mario toy, figurine or stuffed animal

___ Red balloons

___ Green balloons

___ White permanent marker

___ Blindfold

___ Plastic tablecloths

___ Green permanent marker

___ Cardstock for printable bingo cards

___ Large green bucket

___ Small balls in different colors

___ Mario-themed card games

___ Mario pencils, pens and erasers

___ Mario-themed wrapping paper

___ Mario figurines

___ Mario stuffed animals

___ Super Mario Bros. water bottle

___ Mario puzzle

___ Large punch balloon

___ Large red rubber play ball

ONEderland First Birthday Inspirations

Got a first birthday to plan? Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, get inspired with these adorable ONEderland first birthday decoration ideas and inspirations! ONEderland themed parties are quite often associated with Alice in Wonderland or Winter Wonderland themed birthdays, so you can incorporate these themed decorations when planning the ultimate ONEderland party!

Winter Onederland set up for a little Princess

Show their first moment

A great way to build the ONEderland celebrations around the child is to have their first moment captured perfectly. For most children, that first moment will come as they lie in the arms of their parents, safe and warm. It is a special moment, and a little photo of them when they were first born can make a great centerpiece. It also helps to remind everyone just how much has happened in that one short year!

pink winter onederland

Beautiful, bashful pinks

For a young girl, you might wish to go for something a bit more bashful and a bit more explosive. This could mean lots of pink (or any color that she prefers, of course) coloring on items such as tablecloths, iced cakes, biscuits, and other treats that people can enjoy.

Themed products

You might also wish to spend a bit of time coming up with some themed products and designs for the big day. You could even look to find cute little things with the number one of them and use that as part of the décor. What is their favorite stuffed animal so far? Perhaps you could a stuffed animal holding a big one symbol and use that as the main part of the decoration?

First themes

Another good choice might be to start including as many little firsts as you can on the day. This is a big day for your baby, so giving them the chance to experience many little feelings, tastes, smells, and scenes for the first time could help to make this an even more memorable day for the child.  The more that you can do to make sure the day has many firsts involved outside of their birthday, the more memorable the whole occasion will become.

The future planned

You might already have a little idea in your mind about what your child wants to be simply from the interests they have shown in their presents and their life so far. You should therefore look to try and use these small but subtle hints in the imagery of the birthday. Who knows? You might look back on a photo album of their ONEderland celebration and remember that, even from age one, they wanted to be in the job they eventually get!

The ONEderland First Birthday Photos:

Explore these amazing ONEderland parties by the amazing party planners!

first birthday alice in wonderland

Alice in ONEderland inspired birthday

Alice in ONEderland Theme Party

pink winter onderland first birthday

snowflake onederland party

snowflake winter wonderland party

Welcome to Winter onderland

white rustic winter onderland birthday

winter onderland snowflake

Winter Onderland Tablescape

Winter Onederland Birthday Boy


winter woodland onederland birthday

Woodland ONEderland 1st Birthday party


Tiktok Themed Birthday Party Ideas

As a parent, it sure is easy to spend a lot of time planning out birthday parties and the like. If your child (or anyone else at home) happen to be big on social media, there is a chance he or she would want a TikTok themed birthday party. This can be quite the challenge to plan out! Here, then, are some useful ideas to help make your next TikTok themed birthday party a bit easier to plan out.

Tiktok Party Décor Ideas

  1. Start the theme early and get some TikTok themed party invitations designed. It should use the TikTok theme closely; just use the color scheme and logo of the app itself.
  2. Create a TikTok Birthday banner – you could simply create a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ bunting and shape each of the letters as if they are on the TikTok app.
  3. Get some TikTok-colored balloons, too. A happy combination of aqua or blue and stand-out hot pink should be just the injection of TikTok themed color that you need.
  4. You could even get some TikTok-themed t-shirts made up at a local store or online store such as Etsy. If you know who the guests are going to be for definite, get them a bespoke t-shirt made for the day!
  5. Top a birthday cake with a TikTok cake topper! You could create a Tiktok image cutout or it could be the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak, adding that extra charm to the rest of the party decor.
  6. Make use of printable that are available online, this is the easiest way to make everything coordinate for the party.

Tiktok Party Games and Party Bags

Tiktok Party Games and Party Bags

I recommend you first start off by using some kind of TikTok-inspired game. For example, you could have everyone carry out a birthday song/dance and see what upload gets the most hits by the end of the day? You might also want to try and factor in some kind of trend going for the day. Take the ‘track of the day’ and see what kind of group dance routine you can all come up with. Let’s see how many shares you can get by the end of the party!

In terms of party bag ideas, it can be a tough one to plan out in full. I recommend that you look to use some home baking and come up with things like cookies and jellies made in the shape of the TikTok logo. Party bags could be a chip bag that is personalized with a TikTok logo with the name or photo of the birthday boy/girl on the wrapper. This would be fun!
You could even create a little TikTok-themed photo frame that guests could stand in and have their photo snapped as if it’s a TikTok post.
This can seem a really tough party to plan out, but with some of the ideas above you should have no problem in making it rather awesome for everyone involved!

Tiktok Party Collection

These are some of my favorite Tiktok parties planned by amazing party planners!

Tiktok 7th Bash

Tiktok Bash Party

Tiktok 11th Bash

TikTok Bash

The Famous TikTok Party

TIkTok Famous

 TikTok Party Theme

Tiktok party theme

Pink and Aqua TikTok Party

Tiktok Party

Pretty TikTok Party

TikTok Pink and Aqua

14th Tiktok Birthday Party

Titkok Teenagers

Modern TikTok Party

Modern Tiktok Party

The Perfect TikTok Party

Exciting Tiktok Party

Pink and Blue 12th TikTok Party

surprise Tiktok party

Under The Sea Birthday Party Ideas

An Under the Sea birthday party theme is the perfect theme for your little one who is inspired by the beauty and magic of mermaids or if they just can’t get enough of those adorable sea critters. Bright colors of the coral reef make for beautiful party decor! Make sure to stock up on party decorations during the summer season. Many stores have a plethora of sea-themed decorations that are put out exclusively during the summertime. Don’t forget to also think about the essentials! There are plenty of ideas for Under the Sea themed food as well plates, napkins, and cups available.

Under the Sea Mermaid Party Ideas

My Little Angel Decorations

Under the Sea Decorations

It’s a great idea to start with stocking up on the party essentials. Cups and plates can often be found to match the theme. You might also opt for a variety of solid-colored cups and plates to match the colors of your decor. Themed paper plates not only add to the overall decor of the party, they also make for easy clean up at the end of the party. Instead of spending hours washing dishes, you can simply recycle or throw your paper party supplies away.

Your Under the Sea themed party won’t be complete without decorations! Thankfully, the options for an Under the Sea themed party are endless. Dress up the background of the dessert table with a large banner featuring a coral reef. If you’re feeling crafty you can also make your own background from colored construction paper. Fishing nets can make unique decor for the walls and/or ceiling. Coral sculptures can be found at many different stores. These sculptures can make great additions to the dessert table or be part of a centerpiece.

Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday


There are many more decorations available on the market to suit every space and budget. Balloons shaped like sea creatures and mermaids can transform your party area instantly. Use a fish net to hold balloons that drop down during the party for a super fun surprise. Banners that fit the theme are also available in all different shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget about the streamers! Streamers can be easily twisted to look like seaweed or strung from the ceiling to look like water.

Of course, your Under the Sea party will need some sea creatures. There are many figurines available from The Little Mermaid that would make excellent party decor. You can also incorporate sea animals and mermaids into cupcake toppers, cookies, and the cake. There are a variety of sea-themed cookie cutters available that will make transforming your regular cookies into sea animals a breeze!

Give your little guests mermaid flower crowns. Crowns can be bought in multi-packs or could be made at the party for a fun activity station. You may even opt for mermaid tails that can easily slip on over your guest’s party outfits.

Under the Sea Party Bags

Don’t send your guests home empty-handed! Blue jelly beans and goldfish crackers in a clear cellophane bag makes for an adorable fish bowl like party favor. There are also many different varieties of soaps available in sea themed like a fish in a bag soap! If you have your own unique favor, consider opting for some adorable mermaid gift bags such as a bag that has a mermaid scale pattern.

Fish In a Bag Soap



mermaid favor bags

By: CreativePartyStudio

Under the Sea Pary Food

The talk of the party is usually the food. A large multi-tiered cake can be created into a beautiful coral reef complete with sea creatures and mermaids. Cookies and cake pops can also be made to look like sea creatures and mermaids. Cupcakes can be topped with adorable mermaid tails and adorned with edible glitter. You can also prepare ocean blue Jellies. For guests who prefer a salty treat, goldfish crackers can be set out in clear jars.

Every party needs beverages! Name your beverages to fit the theme. Make a delicious ocean water punch with blue Kool-aid and Sprite. You could even add some candy fish to the punch ocean themed wrappers. Many wrappers are even able to be customized.

Under the Sea Birthday Party photos

Dolce Designs

Under the Sea Party Games

It’s essential to keep your party guests entertained. For your younger guests, create a fishing area where kids can fish for prizes. Use a small pool and rods with magnets on the end to attract metal objects. If you have a large outdoor area, play a game of Octopus tag. For this game, the “Octopus” Stands at the center of the tag area and all of the other players are fish who need to make it to the other side without getting tagged.

If the weather is nice and your guests are okay with getting wet, you play a game of Drip, Drip, Drop. This game is similar to duck, duck, goose, except the words drip, drip, drop are used. The person who is it also drips and/or drops water on others in the circle.

A photo booth is also a great way to keep both young and old guests occupied. There are many different photo props available for an under the sea themed party. You can find multi-packs with fish faces, sharks, and mermaids. There are many full size backdrops available, however, you could also make your own backdrop from construction paper and streamers.

Woodland Birthday Party Ideas

A woodland themed birthday party is the perfect theme for young children during the fall season. You’re sure to find forest colored party supplies in abundance around Thanksgiving. When organizing a Woodland themed party, you will want to consider a variety of rustic looking decorations as well as essential supplies such as plates and cups. You can even find some decor right in your own backyard without spending a dime.

woodland birthday ideas

by Dulce Bell Catering.

woodland birthday inspiration photos

It’s a great idea to start with stocking up on the party essentials. Fall themed paper, plates, napkins, and silverware can be found at a plethora of different stores. There are also many themed options that feature adorable woodland creatures on the market. Themed paper plates not only add to the overall decor of the party, they also make for easy clean up at the end of the party.

editable birch tree woodland invitation

greenery woodland birthday invitation editable

rustic woodland invitation editable

Woodland Birthday Decorations

A woodland themed party will require some decor to make it a truly magical event. There are many different decorative cutouts available on the market of adorable woodland creatures. Cutouts are a great way to easily transform boring walls into part of the party. There are also tons of woodland themed window clings available. Using window clings is a great way to showcase the themes before guests even enter the party.

Cutouts and window clings are not the only decorations available. There are likely plenty of free or inexpensive decor options right in your own backyard. Collect different sized sticks and place them in glass mason jars or vases to give your party a rustic vibe. Real stones can be placed throughout the dessert table. Tree trunks can even serve as the base of a platter for the cake or other desserts.

Don’t forget the garland! A leafy garland in fall colors is the perfect addition to any table and can also be used to decorate around the ceiling.

woodland birthday banner

By: SteshaParty

woodland birthday cupcake toppers

By: HaleyMadisonDesign

Every woodland themed party needs woodland animals. Look for woodland themed animals in the form of cupcake toppers, cake toppers, cardboard cutouts, and even balloons. There are many large woodland themed balloons available. Some popular balloon animals include foxes, owls, and squirrels. If you have a bunch of stuffed animals laying around, they can also be repurposed into party decorations.

Give each party guest a woodland themed mask and tail on arrival. There are tons of multi-packs available that include animals such as owls, squirrels, raccoons, and foxes. Some of the masks even feature faux fur which gives off a more realistic appearance.  You might find tails can at party stores or online. The masks and tails will provide children with hours of fun and also make for memorable photos.

Woodland Birthday Favors

Make sure to send your guests home with adorable party favors. Rustic looking colored pencils can be adorably packaged with twine to create unique party favors. There is a lot of unique packaging available in the woodland theme as well. Baggies can be filled with anything from delicious trail mix to s’mores kits.

Happy Trails Gift Bag Trail Mix

By: ahnnaAVENUES

Woodland Birthday Food & Drink

Of course, food is a must have for every party! Many people opt for a cake made to look like a log. A multi-tiered cake will allow you to fit a variety of different woodland critters. Cookies and cake pops can also be made to look just like woodland creatures. Cupcakes can be transformed into storybook like mushrooms by frosting red with white polka-dots. There are also many different woodland themed cupcake toppers available on the market.

Beverages are a must! Name your beverages to fit the theme. Koolaid can be called pond punch and iced tea can be called river water. Some guests might prefer water. You can dress up your plain plastic water bottles with woodland themed wrappers. Many wrappers are even able to be customized.

Woodland Birthday Game

It’s essential to keep your party guests entertained. There are many different versions of woodland themed bingo available. You can also make your own bingo depending on the age level of the participants. To get guests up and moving, start a game of pin the tail on the fawn or wise owl says.

Happy Forest Woodland Bingo Game Kit

By: JooSweetieToo

If the weather is nice and you have a large enough outdoor area, you can also send guests on a woodland scavenger hunt. Have guests look for different animals, stones, flowers, and leaves. There are many already made scavenger hunts available, but you might choose to make your own to fit with your outdoor space. For this game, everyone gets to lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep. If anyone gets caught moving, they are out!

A photo booth is also a great way to keep both young and old guests occupied. There are many different photo props for a woodland themed party such as animal ears, glasses, and tails. If you live near the woods, the backdrop could be outside. If not, there are plenty of different themed backdrop options for sale.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids