Mad Hatter Tea Party

To celebrate a birthday in a creative and classic way what is better than a Mad Hatter Tea Party? This theme idea opens up the doors to use all sorts of brilliant colors, patterns and textures to create a truly imaginative environment for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

This type of party is best set outdoors to mimic the story, giving you an advantage of all natural lighting to really let the colors of the party pop.

Mad Hatter Tea Party ideas

In this brilliant arrangement brought to life by Pam’s Party Prop’s, characters were precisely placed to draw attention, allowing them to stand out and ensure that all the guests would know the theme of the celebration.

Using long rectangular tables that were set-up family style, just like in the story, this layout allows for comfortable and close sitting so everyone can enjoy each others company easily. A wild tablecloth of multi-colored circles of varying sizes set the stage for the crazy fun that is displayed across the table.

The chairs decorated at this display were fantastic, each one covered gorgeously in a different vibrant color of fabric and tied with gigantic bows that complemented each color choice smoothly.

Each decoration used to enhance this table was precisely placed for easy viewing, without taking away from any of the many fantastic touches. One adorable addition to the table was a towering stack of three large teacups that were painted in fun colors and patterns. Atop the cups a sweet looking rabbit was placed and surrounded with a bold arrangement of flowers.

Another cute decoration used on the table was a chandelier style tray that held more tea cups that complemented the rabbit decoration and it was topped with a wonderful tophat that had feathers and polka-dots galore.  With a beautiful blend of colors and decorations, this Mad Hatter themed party can be a real winner!

Credits – Pam’s Party Prop’s

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