Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

Welcome to Birthday Party Ideas 4 U. A blog that showcases amazing birthday parties by wonderful event designers & planners! Be it a first birthday, a girl or a boy, teen or an adult there are plenty to explore here!

You will also find plenty of inspirations on party themes, decorations, food, party favors and games to help you plan your next perfect birthday party!

9 Easy Steps to Planning a Birthday Party : 

1. Set a budget – Your budget may affect how simple or elaborate your party will be, as well as the number of guests and where you are having the party.  
2. Guest List – It is good to have a guest list to a minimum at the beginning. If you are on a tight budget, it may be better to stick to no more than 15 guests as you would need to feed and entertain everyone.
3. Choose a Theme – Having a theme for a party can help with the whole planning process of the party especially with the decorations. If you cannot decide on the theme, you can go for solid colored theme, the popular chevron or polka dots.
4. Invitations – Find invitations based on the theme if you have one chosen. Recommended time to send the invitations is about 4-6 weeks ahead of the party. If you are on a tight budget, you can find plenty of printable invitations on the internet so don’t rush off to buying them yet, give google a search.
Include in invitation – date, time, address, directions, phone number for RSVP, special dress code (eg. themed dress code)
5. Location – This may depend on the guest list. If it is a small or medium party, your house might do. If it is a large party you may consider churches, park, banquet halls, and hotels.
6. Food – Check for food allergies. Your options include finger foods, catered food, or homemade food depending on the size of the party. This is also a time to select on the birthday cake. 
7. Decorations – Whether you are having a themed party or not, popular party decorations include – banner, streamer, pom poms, balloons, themed tableware or solid colored tableware, and a centerpiece. Remember that there are many DIY tutorials on making party decorations so check out google or pinterest for inspirations.
8. Games & Activities – Music and mingling may be enough for some parties, but sometimes having a game prepared may help some get into party mood. It may be fun to have prizes prepared for the games as well.
9. Party Favors – Prepare a small thank you gift for all the guests for attending.
Birthday Party Ideas for Kids