Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party makes a great theme for most kids, bringing to life a classic that even parents can enjoy.  This party was beautifully put together by Lindsey of So Easy Being Green who used a lovely mix of colors to make the venue stand out excellently.

Adding to the regular black, red and white colors of Mickey Mouse, a soft blue was incorporated adding a sweet touch to all of the decor. The party was a blast of DIY, making it plausible for anyone to create their own fantastic Mickey Mouse themed celebration.

A welcome sign was made from wood to match the signs on the show, with Clubhouse written on it to match the cartoons version. This was set outside in front so all of the guests would easily be able to find the party.

Since this party was all about the kids, an entire table dedicated to entertainment was set-up against an outside wall holding each of the awesome activities that the kids participated in.  From a gooey fishing experience to a Pluto dinosaur dig, this table was sure to be a hit.  It had a bright red cover that drew attention and an adorable mini bouquet of polka dot balloons to the corner.  There were little frisbees and bubbles with personalized labels for the kids to enjoy as well.

The snacks were even made to match the theme with lots of details and fun little holders for each.  Marshmallow pops were frosted in blue with a variety of decorations on top from sprinkles to coconut shavings. They were set in mason jars that had adorable stickers which matched the theme. Delicious cupcakes were frosted in blue and the birthday vip even got a special number 2 candle decorated with bling to draw the eye.

Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-2-CandleMickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Games Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Beverages Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Bubbles Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Cupcake Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Decorative-Props Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Ears Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Favor-Bags Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Game-Table Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Marshmallowpops Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Marshmallowpop-Treats Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Silverware Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Birthday-Party-Wooden-Sign


Lindsey of So Easy Being Green


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