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Take your child’s special day to the stratosphere with a Space Birthday Party.  Not even the sky’s your limit when you reach for the stars! This interstellar idea offers your child a chance to celebrate not only their own birthday, but also their love of the great unknown outer space.

With this fun Space Birthday Theme you can use blue and gold to turn your venue into a galaxy far way.  Cover the ceiling and walls in constellations of your choice, you can even DIY the stars with yellow stock paper. To give a little realistic twist, hang 3-D planetary system that shows the sun and planets in our system so all the guests can get a crash course in astronomy.  Use little rocket ships for your centerpieces on the guest tables and star confetti to add a touch of glitz.  For a backdrop to your buffet area, hang a shimmery silver fabric floor to ceiling and then add letters in the front spelling out Happy Birthday and the special one’s name. You could even make a mini-rocket from cardboard as a giant decoration that kids will love to check out. For a bit of fun, make mini-martians to hide around your party area, peeking from behind trays etc.

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For your Space Birthday Party buffet you will want to have all kinds of treats that are out of this world! Make some fruity rocket kabobs by cutting the bits on sticks into a rocket shape.  Offer a tray of honey comb to mimic a meteorite. Sugar cookies shaped into rockets and frosted in the fun theme colors are sure to be a hit. You could even shape them like stars or planets as well. No Space party is complete without moonpies of course.

A Space Birthday Party is a nice one to take advantage of some crafting skills by setting up a station where the children can make their own moon and stars mobile with tin foil and paint, glitter and markers. You could even have them make playdough space creations to take home for fun too. Have a dress up area with all kinds of fun outfits for each guest to have a chance to change into an alien!

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Send your little astronauts home with fun favors like glow-in-the-dark stars that they can display in their own bedrooms. A set of stickers and color sheets offer activity time that they can enjoy anytime they want as well.

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