Alice In Wonderland Birthday


What an imaginary delight this Alice In Wonderland Birthday was. With the fantastic creative skills of Invento Festa, this classic theme came to life in an elegant and exciting way.  Each detail incorporated into this theme was exquisite, showcasing ability and fun all in one lovely party.

The desserts offered at this party were simply put, magnificent. All of the tasty treats featured minute details that could only fit into an Alice theme!  Sugar cookies were a perfect example with each one looking unique with adorable Wonderland prints from a black club to actual graphics of Alice herself. To make all of the cookies even more elegant, they were framed in stunning styles that were almost too perfect to eat! Almost!

Cupcakes were quite adorable with each only featuring cute Alice in Wonderland decorations, a favorite being her feet sticking out as if she were falling down the well. No cupcake set would be complete without the mad hatter’s tophat and a golden teacup either! Yummy cakepops frosted in white had attached scrolls saying, “Eat me,” just like in the storybook.  Stealing the show at the back of the dessert table a fantastic layered cake stood tall with exquisite touches including vintage style graphics from the classic story.

The table stood in front of baby blue wood paneling that had all sorts of framed signage and art that was hung in crooked fashion to blend with the theme superbly.  Even the guest tables featured stunning details that made this themed birthday a genuine success.  Greenery throughout the tables made a perfect stage for the delightful tea sets that were places among it. Golden framed art along with exquisite floral arrangements made the guest seating welcoming and warm. There were even clocks distributed throughout to encompass the chaos of this adorable theme perfectly.

Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Books Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cake Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cakeballs Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cakepops Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Card-Decor Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Clock-Decor Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Clock-Treat Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cookies Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cupcake Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Cupcakes Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Desserts Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Detailed-Cookies Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Drink-Me-Jars Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Eat-Me-Cakepops Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Flowers Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Framed-Art Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Framed-Signage Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Golden-Frame Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Guest-Table Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Key-Toppers Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Open-Books Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Painted-Rose Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Picture-Cakepops Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Rabbit-Book Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Sign Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Sweets Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Teapot Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Tea-Saucer Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Tea-Set Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Tophat Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Treats Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Vintage-Sign Alice-In-Wonderland-Birthday-Welcome-Sign


Planning/design – Invento Festa

Treats – Sweets Cakes by Maria Celia

Furniture – Creare and Invento Festa

Balloons – Magic Cauldron

Photography – The Pic Company




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