Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

An Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party is a fun and delightful event to put on. It’s full of silliness, unique décor, and brings an atmosphere of nostalgia and quirkiness. It’s fun for all ages, whether it’s a children’s birthday party you’re throwing, or even an adult’s. This is the one theme that you can truly mix and match tons of creative ideas together to make a memorable party. Alice in Wonderland is a book full of potent and direct imagery, which makes it the perfect theme for a party. You can use these images in decorations, the cake, treats, and favors galore. So, get your invitations with images of the prominent wonderland characters like Alice, the rabbit, and the Mad Hatter ready and out to your guests!

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Alice in Wonderland Decorations

The best place to have an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party is outdoors. Now, if you can’t make this happen, you can still put on an awesome event, however if there is the option to put together this party outside, definitely go for it! You want to give the illusion of springtime to your guests, so taking the party outdoors is a sure way to help this motif along. Décor should include streamers, polka dot balloons, and spring flowers like daisies. These should be in the bright colors of yellows, pinks, blues, greens, and purples.

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Tea cups should also be in abundance within your decorations, so get creative with this. Flowers in teacup pots, teacup streamers, and of course, setting up your eating tables to replicate an actual tea party. Create signage that you can post up throughout the party that quote the actual Alice in Wonderland book like “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” and “It’s always tea time.” The book offers tons of quotes for you to utilize brilliantly for your Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Alice in Wonderland Party Food

The birthday cake itself should be a detailed representation of the theme. Think a giant teacup cake, or the Mad Hatter’s top hat mixed with fondant pieces of the rabbit’s pocket watch and Alice herself. This should be placed on a main event table in a center point that guests can immediately see. Other treats on the main event table should be equally detail oriented, so opt for foods like cupcakes, cake pops, and big sugar cookies.

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Daffodil cake pops, teacup shaped and frosted cookies, and cupcakes with deliciously thick frosting and toppers of characters like the Cheshire cat and the live doorknob are especially fun. You could also do Fondant Mad Hatter topper cupcakes, there is a youtube video above on how to make this amazing cupcake toppers. Rice crispy treat bars in the shape of playing cards from the Queen of Heart’s land add another special touch. Pudding in tea cups and gummy caterpillars give the treat table an extra dollop of creativity, and colorful candies in oblong, multiple sized apothecary jars are always a must have. More savory foods such as carrots, spring green salad, and cucumber tea sandwiches are easy for guests to grab and go to enjoy the birthday festivities.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Party favors are especially exciting for an Alice in Wonderland theme, as you can use all the images of the book mentioned previously to really give your guests something they’ll keep forever. Gift your favors in actual tea cups with ribbons or boxes with the Cheshire cat’s infamous smile. Gift boxes in the image of a small house with Alice’s legs and arms sticking out (just as in the book!) will put a smile on everyone’s face and the gift box itself becomes a keepsake.

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Actual tea sets are a super cute favor for your birthday guests or the actual “Alice in Wonderland” book. Other especially sweet favors that tie in with the theme seamlessly are miniature bottles with a “Drink Me” label paired with treats that say “Eat Me”. Looking glasses, kaleidoscopes, and bottle cap necklaces with Alice in Wonderland images are also all quirky and memorable party favors that your guests will absolutely love.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Games

You can make your Alice in Wonderland party really interactive as well with unique party games. When else can your guests have a blast learning to play croquet! Pin the smile on the Cheshire cat and “taste me” games in which you guess the beverage in the bottle are big favorites. For a game that also serves as a party favor, provide your guests with paint and white teacups and saucers and let everyone design their own teacup set!

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