Galactic Space Age Birthday Party


From the fantastic outerspace planet decorations to the delicious looking custom treats, this Galactic Space Age Birthday Party was a stupendous celebration! Featuring the expertise of Elaine of Ms. Laine Events, the decor at this event was absolutely superb.

The venue had a bold mixture of dark colors that gave an outerspace vibe. Dark blue and black made perfect base tones that were accented with lighter blue, silver and orange colors.

To make the snacks stand out, a massive dessert area was set up with a large main table and a smaller table on each side.  The side tables held goodie bags for the guests as a thank you for attending the event along with fantastic space style decorations.  All of the tables had a matching, solid dark blue tone cover as a base.

Even the backdrop was extended to cover all the tables, creating an outerspace adventure right at the snack table! The backdrop featured black sheer fabric that draped to the floor.  Balloons were used to add a pop of color while a custom graphic hung in the center advertising this birthday theme in stellar style.

The treats offered were all customized to match the space theme too. Lollipops had blue and silver wrappers for a neat mini planet look.  Macarons were marbled in blue, black and orange, making them look like outerspace.  There were even cupcakes with planets as toppers.  As a centerpiece to this area a large, two layer cake in black was fantastically detailed with planets and a rocketship! Fun balls were placed at the bottom, all colored like little planets too.

With bags filled with goodies for the guests on the side tables, everyone was sure to find something fun at this celebration.  There was also a fun board on one table that said, “Blast Off,” and had decorations on the front that stood out for a 3-D effect.

From Ms. Laine Events – Check out our out-of-this-world space themed birthday party for Qayyum! Happy birthday once again, Qayyum! We had a blast planning and prepping your party and hope everyone had a great time!

Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Balloons Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Big-Cake Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Cake Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Custom-Backdrop Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Cupcakes Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Little-Spaceships Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Lollipops Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Macarons Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Planet-Cupcakes Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Planets Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Posterboard Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Rocket Galactic-Space-Age-Birthday-Party-Treats


Event stylist – Ms. Laine Events

Balloon and cupcake topper – Pop Party



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