Pink Nutcracker Ballerina First Birthday

Pink Nutcracker Ballerina First Birthday tablescape

This magical nutcracker ballerina-themed birthday party was planned by EVENTee Party. This party was filled with gorgeous decor and an array of spring colors. The party was perfect for a future ballerina!

The dessert table was stunning! A large four-tier cake took center stage on an ornate gold pedestal. The cake was decorated with light pink and blue frosting and featured beautiful rhinestone embellishments on every layer. The top of the cake was decorated with a miniature nutcracker and ballerina alongside colorful lollipops.


Cookies decorated like nutcrackers and ballerinas were uniquely displayed on a mirror with elegant gold trim. Cake pops were made to look like adorable ballerina outfits. Light pink macaroons were displayed to look like a magical tree. There was even a candy bar filled with assorted candies for guests to snack on.

ballerina and nutbracker welcome

The background of the dessert table was equally stunning! A backdrop in shades of light pink featured a custom floral sign with the name of the child being celebrated. In front of the background was a lifesize cutout of a pink ballerina. A cascade of pink balloons covered perfectly framed the right side of the backdrop. Some of the balloons were even a swirl of pink and white. To top off the gorgeous background a decorative chandelier hung from the ceiling giving off just the right amount of light.

Nutcracker Ballerina dessert table

The entrance to the party was incredible! A large arch in lights formed the start of a tunnel for guests to walk through. The tunnel was made entirely from pastel colored balloons. A lifesize nutcracker and ballerina stood at the entrance of the tunnel. There was even a custom sign on an easel welcoming everyone to the party.

The guest tables for this party were truly magical. Every table was covered in a flowing white table cloth with a satin pink table runner. The chairs were also covered in white and featured a satin pink bow. Adorable ballerina cutouts were used as centerpieces. Each ballerina featured a unique pose. Every table also featured a picture of the child being celebrated and a colorful floral arrangement.

different dancing ballerina centerpiece for table

Even the ceiling of this party was decorated to match the theme! Large bunches of colored balloons hung throughout the entire ceiling area. Beautiful paper lanterns and floral parasols were mixed among the balloons. There were even strips of pink and white fabric across the entire ceiling. Between the fabric pieces were magical lights, which made for the perfect party atmosphere.

This party was completed with an actual stage that made for perfect photo opportunities and entertainment. The stage area featured a custom projected background and the name of the birthday girl in lights. Of course, the stage was also decorated to fit with the theme. A life-size nutcracker and ballerina made the area perfect for guests to snap some photos. There was even a white couch with lollipops in the background for guests to relax. The stage also featured customized party favors for guests to enjoy on their way out.

Nutcracker Ballerina Party cake

Nutcracker Ballerina custom cushions for first birthday

food stands

first Nutcracker Ballerina Party

dancing ballerina centerpiece

custom birthday name sign

beautiful pink ballerina silhouette

ballerina cakepops

Nutcracker Ballerina Party centerpieces

party room

Nutcracker Ballerina Party stage

Nutcracker Ballerina Party pink paper honeycomb

Nutcracker Ballerina Party dancers

pink ballerina prop centerpiece

welcome balloon arch

the nutcracker prop

the nutcracker ballet

take home gifts

table setup

table setup for ballerina themed party

pink eclair

Pink and Purple Minnie Bow-Tique 1st Birthday

Pink and Purple Minnie Bow-Tique 1st Birthday tablescape

This pink and purple Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party was thoughtfully planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The party was planned in a true  “bow-tique” style.  A combination of bright and pastel pinks and purples served as the primary color scheme. The iconic Minnie Mouse also made an appearance throughout the sweet party decor.

The dessert area was fabulous! A large three-tier cake was decorated in true Minnie Mouse style. The cake was made to look just like Minne’s house and even included a large Minnie Mouse topper. Cupcakes and other goodies were placed in custom boxes and packaging for guests to enjoy at the party or on the go.

minnie mouse bow birthday

The background of the dessert area was perfect for the theme! A large backdrop was made to look like a boutique. The backdrop even included the word “bow-tique” in Disney-style print. A gorgeous arch of balloons in red, purple, and pink perfectly framed the backdrop. The table itself was covered to look as though it was a shelf in the boutique. Gorgeous pink and white floral arrangements were spread throughout the table. A smaller table to the side held the cake. The table was covered in a flowing pink ruffled fabric. Pink and white vintage-style suitcases were creatively used to hold additional decor. A large plush Minnie Mouse sat in the front of the dessert area.

The guest tables were magnificent. Each table was covered with a beautiful flowing purple tablecloth. Each table spot featured a white plate with gold trim and a matching white napkin folded around the plate. Even the silverware was shiny gold. At the children’s table, each guest received a specially wrapped gift and a pink and purple water bottle. Each child also received an adorable Minnie Mouse headpiece which made for perfect photo opportunities.

Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique 1st Birthday Decorations

Minnie mouse first birthday cake

Pink and Purple Minnie Bow-Tique 1st Birthday cake

pink and purple minnie mouse birthday party decorations

Rose Gold and Pink Geometric Quinceañera

Rose Gold and Pink Geometric Quinceañera tablescape

This gorgeous rose gold and pink quinceañera was planned by Pequenos Luxos. The party was filled with rich colors, tasty treats, and flowers!

The dessert table for this party was amazing! A large cake was decorated with beautiful colors that resembled a sunset. The cake was also decorated with shiny gold geometric triangles. The bottom of the cake featured two vibrant purple flowers that stood out beatifully. Other desserts included decorative chocolates and cake pops that matched the theme. Chocolates were drizzled in bright purple and dipped in gold. Some of the desserts even featured matching gold triangles to the cake. The cake pops were placed in gold vases and included adorable light pink bows. Each cake pop had the number 15 in decorative writing and was adorned with small yellow flowers in the corner. Each dessert was a true work of art!

15th birthday quinceanera hot pink sweets

The background of the dessert table was stunning! A pink and purple geometric backdrop matched perfectly with the cake and other decors. Live ferns were placed strategically throughout the dessert area. Gold vases were filled with bright and colorful flowers. A large floral arrangement stood behind the cake. The arrangement featured bright orange, purple, and pink flowers. A cascade of rose gold balloons framed the dessert area perfectly. Amongst the balloons was one sparkling gold balloon that looked similar to a disco ball. Even the floor was decorated to fit with the theme. Gold confetti was spewed on the floor surrounding the dessert area.

Guests did not leave this party empty-handed. Adorable goodie bags and boxes were packed full of tasty treats. Some of the boxes even matched the backdrop of the dessert area. This party featured the perfect decor to help a girl celebrate her passage from girlhood to womanhood!

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Pink and Hearts Valentine’s Party Setup

Pink and Hearts Valentine's Birthday Party tablescape

This Valentine Day set-up party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The set-up featured a variety of Valentine-themed decor and treats. This party would be the perfect way to say “I love you.”

The setup of the dessert area was adorable! A gold vintage-style serving cart was used to hold Valentine-themed goodies. A pink cake was topped with fresh strawberries and covered with a clear dome. Cupcakes were frosted in pink and decorated with sprinkles. Each cupcake has a sparkling heart-shaped topper. Glass jars held a variety of pink, red, and white candies for guests to indulge. The bottom of the cart held wine glasses and beverages.

elegant pink glitter cupcake toppers

The decor at the dessert area was stunning. Heart-shaped helium balloons were attached to the side of the cart. The front of the cart featured a garland of white hearts and two sparkling pink hearts that lit up. A sign reading “Happy Valentine’s Day” was propped up in the back. A ledge directly above the cart a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a miniature Effiel Tower.

A cart similar to the dessert cart was used to hold more drinks and wine glasses. The glasses were pink and clear and varied in size. A clear glass held decorative straws. There was even a shiny gold ice bucket. The ledge above this cart was also filled with floral arrangements and candles.

heart shaped plates

A side table and stack of books in pastel colors served as the perfect place to display macaroons. Each macaroon was a gorgeous pastel color.

The guest table was amazing! Floral arrangements filled with pink roses and white flowers were placed throughout the table. The plates for kids were shaped like hearts and featured a special heart design. Every plate included a beautiful white heart-shaped cookie. Adults had decorative gold charger plates with pink plates and a sparkling pink heart on top. Each guest had two wine glasses with decorative gold accents. Cupcakes were intricately frosted to look like pink roses. Each cupcake has its own glass holder.

A sitting area featured white chairs decorated with Valentine-themed pillows and blankets. The chairs were right next to a cozy fireplace making the perfect area for a photo opportunity. The fireplace mantel was decorated with a garland of white hearts. Gold candle holders with light pink candles were also placed on top of the mantel.

love flowers always and always

Pink and Hearts Valentines Birthday Party

Pink and Hearts Valentines Birthday table setup idea

pink macaroon tower valentines party decorations

Enchanted Beauty and the Beast Party

Enchanted Beauty and the Beast Party tablescape

This exquisite Beauty and the Beast themed party was thoughtfully planned by Pequenos Luxos. The party was filled with all of the classic colors and characters from the Beauty and the Beast movie. This party was the perfect theme for a young girl or even an adult who values the magic of Disney.

The four-tier cake for this party was gorgeous! The bottom layer of the cake was decorated in yellow to match Belle’s dress and was accented with red roses. The second layer of cake was frosted with simple white and included a shiny gold emblem. The top of the cake was uniquely crafted to resemble Belle in her yellow dress. The cake sat on top of a yellow platter.

The dessert area was filled with other tasty treats. Cupcakes were intricately decorated to resemble Cogsworth and The Beast. Other desserts were made to look like roses and accessories from the movie. Some desserts were even decorated with shiny gold castles. Large cake pops included characters from the movie and was placed into unique red and yellow jars. Each cake pop was wrapped in cellophane and tied with an adorable red bow. This made for the perfect treat for guests to take on the go. Every treat featured a themed label so that guests knew exactly what was being offered.

The background of this exquisite Beauty and the Beast party of the dessert table was stunning! Three large posters depicting characters from the movie were hung on a large mirror. Floral arrangements filled with red and yellow flowers were spread throughout the table. This party even included replicas of the iconic Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts on top of a mirror with ornate gold trim. Statues of Belle, The Beast, and even Lumiere were used to decorate the table. Even Cogsworth made an appearance on a stack of vintage-looking books. Of course, a Beauty and the Beast themed party would not be complete without the rose. A small yellow platter with a glass cover was used to hold a bright red rose.

beauty and beast characters and decorations Beauty and beast gold castle cookies beauty and beast Mrs Potts Chip Tea Pot and Cup decoration Beauty and the Beast Party Beauty and the Beast themed dessert table Cookies and treats The Enchanted Rose in Beauty and the Beast

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