Golden Beauty And The Beast Birthday


Magic was in the air at this Golden Beauty And The Beast Birthday. With the help of Aura Decorations this event turned out to be an elegant and tasteful way to celebrate a wonderful 15 year old. With a massive venue chosen for the party, an entire area was cleared to allow everyone a chance to dance just like in the the classic movie!

A dessert station was exquisitely designed with a fantastic backdrop to introduce the theme in brilliant fashion.  It was a large graphic of the ballroom from the move and was hung draped slightly to create neat 3-D effect.  On each side, shimmering golden curtains added to the elegance look perfectly.  Several tables were placed by each other to hold the decorations and desserts in a unique way.  A golden cover on the main table set the stage for all of the red and gold decor that was interlaced with the tasty treats.  Large vases were overflowing with red blooms on each end of the table, giving a bold pop of color.

The desserts were spectacular from the cupcakes with little roses on top to the mini cakes that were frosted in white with elegant golden leaves around the sides. Book decorations were painted in gold and used as a tiered stand for the cupcakes, ensuring that the library aspect of this Beauty and the Beast theme was incorporated beautifully.

The cake  for this event was phenomenal.  Six layers stacked up tall all frosted in white and detailed in gold.  Flower blooms were wrapped around in a gorgeous display from top to bottom.  This cake was so fantastic, it was set on its very own table for the guests to enjoy.

Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Cakes Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Candelabra Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Carriage Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Chandelier Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Dance-Floor Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Desserts Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Gift-Box Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Graphic-Sign Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Guest-Table Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Layered-Cake Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Pudding-Glasses Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Treat-Table Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Vip-Chair Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-White-Bench


Planning/design: Aura Decorations

Cake, cupcakes and mini cakes: Ilza Placencio

Sweets: Lenni Uceta de Abreu

Flowers: David



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