Sweet Snow White Birthday Party


This Sweet Snow White Birthday Party was delightfully created by Magnetika Party. Taking the red and blue colors of the classic movie, the venue had fun, bold look.  Greenery was deliberately placed throughout the area to give a natural look that was very Snow White like.

A backdrop in red and blue was beautifully accented with a golden framed letter in the center, showcasing who the celebration was for.  There was a gorgeous chandelier right by the backdrop too, adding a touch of elegance.

A unique element at this party was a vine wrapped around a trellis that was set behind and adorable wooden bench.  A gift basket was placed on the bench to add to the fairytale vibe.

The cake had it’s own table, a white vintage style one that made the three layers of beauty look even larger.  With an apple on top, this cake was a Snow White vision.

For desserts, a large buffet style table was wrapped with garland to hold all the tasty treats. Each snack was vibrantly colored and detailed to go with the them in a fun way.  Little colored candies were dressed up to look like dwarves, sugar cookies had cute shapes like apples and there were even delightful cake pops with red bows. To fill the table lovely decorations were incorporated including fantastic mini shrubs in vases with vibrant red blooms in the centers.

A golden framed chalkboard was artfully decorate with a Snow White silhouette and sweet celebratory words for the little birthday girl.  There were also fantastic vintage style lanterns and even a large red apple pinata for the kids to enjoy. With some wired cages and cute little wildlife decor like a white rabbit, this venue was like stepping into a fairy tale, allowing the vip to feel like a princess for her special day.

Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Apple-Cookies Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Art-Chalkboard Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Basket-Juice Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Bench Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Cake Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Cakepops-Red Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Colored-Candies Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Desserts Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Flower-Bush Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Gift-Baskets Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Gold-Chocolate-Coins Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Sweet-Snow-White-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table

Credits –

Magnetika Party


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