Enchanted Forest Cinderella Party

gold and blue princess cinderella party decorations ideas with 3d visual background

This Enchanted Forest Cinderella Party was a lovely event created by Marques Freitas Decorações.  It is easy to fall in love with all of the natural decor and vibrant colors at this event.

The indoor venue was a vision, trees and greenery were used throughout to give a mystical, fairytale effect. A massive backdrop of forestry was hung behind the food buffet, setting a gorgeous scene for the guests to enjoy.

The table was decorated with a base of fantastic greenery, making it feel as though everything was a part of the forest. The cover went all the way to the ground which was also covered in green.  

All of the treats were designed to match the Cinderella theme smooth, with sweets in soft blue tones that look as delicious as they did elegant. Incorporated throughout the goodies tall golden vases held overflowing bouquets of pretty flowers. Elegant trays were used to hold all of the snacks, giving a royal vibe fit for a Princess.

At the front of the table a wonderful, large, throne-like chair was placed for the special birthday VIP. It had a golden frame with a light blue padded seat that blended perfectly with this fairytale party.

To the front of the buffet an adorable round table was set up to hold the cake.  Laced with greenery, it matched the buffet table beautifully.  As an accent piece, a candle stood beside the cake, adding a touch of soft lighting. The cake itself was fit for a Queen with layers upon layers of decadence.  Frosted in the token Cinderella blue, it drew the eye with ease. Detailing on the cake included beautiful golden embellishments like a crown and lace wraps on several layers.  Butterflies made a trail to the top, giving a lovely effect.

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Credits – Marques Freitas Decorações

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