Pink and Hearts Valentine’s Party Setup

Pink and Hearts Valentine's Birthday Party tablescape

This Valentine Day set-up party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The set-up featured a variety of Valentine-themed decor and treats. This party would be the perfect way to say “I love you.”

The setup of the dessert area was adorable! A gold vintage-style serving cart was used to hold Valentine-themed goodies. A pink cake was topped with fresh strawberries and covered with a clear dome. Cupcakes were frosted in pink and decorated with sprinkles. Each cupcake has a sparkling heart-shaped topper. Glass jars held a variety of pink, red, and white candies for guests to indulge. The bottom of the cart held wine glasses and beverages.

elegant pink glitter cupcake toppers

The decor at the dessert area was stunning. Heart-shaped helium balloons were attached to the side of the cart. The front of the cart featured a garland of white hearts and two sparkling pink hearts that lit up. A sign reading “Happy Valentine’s Day” was propped up in the back. A ledge directly above the cart a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a miniature Effiel Tower.

A cart similar to the dessert cart was used to hold more drinks and wine glasses. The glasses were pink and clear and varied in size. A clear glass held decorative straws. There was even a shiny gold ice bucket. The ledge above this cart was also filled with floral arrangements and candles.

heart shaped plates

A side table and stack of books in pastel colors served as the perfect place to display macaroons. Each macaroon was a gorgeous pastel color.

The guest table was amazing! Floral arrangements filled with pink roses and white flowers were placed throughout the table. The plates for kids were shaped like hearts and featured a special heart design. Every plate included a beautiful white heart-shaped cookie. Adults had decorative gold charger plates with pink plates and a sparkling pink heart on top. Each guest had two wine glasses with decorative gold accents. Cupcakes were intricately frosted to look like pink roses. Each cupcake has its own glass holder.

A sitting area featured white chairs decorated with Valentine-themed pillows and blankets. The chairs were right next to a cozy fireplace making the perfect area for a photo opportunity. The fireplace mantel was decorated with a garland of white hearts. Gold candle holders with light pink candles were also placed on top of the mantel.

love flowers always and always

Pink and Hearts Valentines Birthday Party

Pink and Hearts Valentines Birthday table setup idea

pink macaroon tower valentines party decorations

Modern and Classic Marsala 40th Birthday

Modern and Classic Marsala 40th Birthday

Modern and Classic Marsala 40th Birthday by Pequenos Luxos:

This modern and classic Marsala 40th birthday party was planned by Pequenos Luxos. The party was filled with rich shares of burgundy and gold. It was a truly spectacular celebration for a 40th birthday party.

The dessert table was gorgeous and filled with delicious treats! At the center of the main table was a beautiful two-tier cake on a black stand. The cake was decorated with rich burgundy colored frosting with delicate gold accents. The cake also included an intricately designed black rose. The front of the cake displayed a small sign with the name of the guest of honor. A beautiful glass mirror was transformed into an elegant serving tray to hold cupcakes. The cupcakes were decorated with roses, bows, and gold accents. Each cupcake also included a shiny pink wrapper. Rice Krispe treats were decorated to look just like gold photo frames. A tasty whipped dessert was topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries. A photo frame uniquely converted into a serving tray held delicious brownies with pink and white frosting.  A similar try held intricately decorated macaroons. Cake pops were placed in tall black vases. Each cake pop included an adorable gold bow. Guests could also choose from an assortment of cake pops, cookies, and other sweet treats.

The background of the dessert table was amazing! A stunning circular background included a vintage style patten in white and gold. On top of the background a large frame was used to display the number “40.” Another frame held a beautiful arrangement of flowers. A gorgeous archway of balloons in shades of burgundy, pink, and gold surrounded most of the background. Flower arrangements filled with an assortment of gorgeous flowers were displayed in gold vases. Small black pictures frames worked perfectly to display the names of the different treats that were offered. The venue itself fit perfectly with the theme. A stone wall along the bottom fell right in line with the vintage style decor. The floors were also a weathered stone and matched the party theme perfectly.

The table itself was an antique black dresser. This made for a very unique display. Another dresser held more delicious looking goodies and flower arrangements. To other side tables were used for additional decorations and treats. In front of the smaller side tables was another cascade of balloons.

The rich burgundy and pink colors made this party stand out. The vintage style decor with some modern twists made this a celebration to remember!

40th birthday table setup

40th classic theme setup

damask gold backdrop poster

fancy treats

gold vintage frames for tray

marsala burgundy flower arrage

marsala classic cake with florals

masquerade masks treats

Modern & Classic Marsala 40th Birthday theme

strawberry meringue

stunning modern and classic birthday balloon arc

tablescape marsala gold and peach

treats for 40th birthday


Peach and Green Succulent Birthday Celebration

Peach and Green Succulent Birthday Celebration

Peach and Green Succulent Birthday Celebration by Ms. Laine Events:

This adorable cactus and succulent themed birthday party was planned by Ms. Laine Events. The party was filled with spectacular decor that fit perfectly with the theme.

The dessert table featured incredibly unique treats. A cake was made to look just like a plant pot filled with succulents. The succulents were a mixture greens and peach. At first glance, someone might think the cake was topped with real plants rather than tasty frosting. The detail was amazing!  The cake also included a sparkling silver birthday topper. Other desserts were also placed in cups wrapped in twine to make them appear to be plant pots. Cactus cookies and macaroons lined the table and macaroons were placed on beautiful wooden coasters.  Cupcakes were adorably decorated to match the cake. Each cupcake included a unique design of succulents and cacti.

The background of the dessert table was equally unique. The tables used to hold all of the tasty treats were simple white pillars. Each pillar was a different height and size. An arch of peach, soft green, and gray balloons were displayed stunningly behind the dessert table. Also behind the dessert table were real hanging succulents and a large cactus balloon. At the bottom of the cactus balloon were peach, light blue, and purple balloons. Real plants were distributed throughout the dessert area to give an authentic feel to the party. Adorable lanterns were positioned in the front of the table. One of the lanterns sat on top of a real log.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit with the theme. The long white tables featured real plants in rose gold pots. The windows behind the seating area were decorated elegantly with white string lights. This helped to create the perfect atmosphere for the party. Candles and other decorative items were also placed throughout the table. There were even succulents hung from the ceiling! The goodie bags were displayed on a metal grate that was attached to a wooden easel. Guests also got to take goodie bags filled with intricately decorated cookies.

Credit: Ms. Laine Events

76th blessed succulent cake

cactus macaroon treats

cactus in pot cookie

cactus foil balloon

baby cactus

amazingly decorated succulent cupcakes

adult succulent birthday

76th welcome sign

76th succulent birthday treats

Cactus Succulent Birthday Celebration

succulent themed party decorations

succulent plant hanging

succulent and cactus piping cupcakes

peach mint grey balloons

peach and green succulent decorated cookies

night globes stunning table setup

happy birthday guestbook

geomertic light and cactus plants

decor centerpieces for table


cactus tree in pot decor


Gatsby Party!

Gatsby Party (1)

This fun Gatsby party was planned by EVENTee Party. The party was filled with 1920s themed decorations and excitement!

The guest tables were elegantly set with white dishes. In the middle of each table was a gold platter filled with Gatsby themed decorations. An empty wine bottle was decorated with white pearls and a gold flower. A candle sconce served the unique purpose to hold red roses. There was even a small disco ball on the platter that beautifully reflected the light around the room.

A table off to the side featured a variety of decorations that would be seen during the roaring 20s. A large vase held beautiful feathers and pearls. Unique candle sconces were decorated with gems on the top. In addition, the bottom shelves on the table were home to beautiful arrangements of blue and white flowers along with antique looking pictures frames. Even miniature disco balls decorated the bottom of the table.

An aged wood crate was the perfect spot to store a variety of alcohol for guests to choose from. A red velvet chair also served as the perfect opportunity for a photo booth.

The ceiling was also equally as gorgeous as the rest of the room. Many clear balloons hung from the ceiling. Some were even filled with gold confetti. The balloons were all attached to twinkle lights, which provided just the right amount of lighting.


Credit: EVENTee Party

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Diners Retro Night Party

Diners 1920 Retro Night Party (1)

This super fun retro party was planned by EVENTee Party. The party appeared to be straight out of 1950s and was decorated with classic coca-cola colors.

The highlight of the party was a large stage with a black and white checkered floor. The background of the stage included a diner sign with lights and other metal signs from the 1950s. Even records helped to decorate the wall. In front of the stage was a jukebox and a cardboard cutout of an old-fashioned car. To the left of the stage was a cardboard cutout of a classic waitress in skates.

The ceiling was filled with decorations! Black, white, and blue polka-dotted balloons hung from ceiling. There were also a plethora of paper lanterns spread out throughout the ceiling. Menu signs were uniquely hung between the balloons.

The guest tables were decorated to look like they were from a 1950s diner. The middle of each table featured a wooden coca-cola crate filled with glass coca-cola bottles. Records and small flower pots were also used to decorate the table. Guests were able to drink from old-fashioned glasses that came complete with long red and white straws. Guests could even order their food of choice from a menu. A desert table also provided guests with many sweet treats to choose from.

Credit: EVENTee Party

Diners retro night beer sign Diners retro night dangling menu poster Diners retro night dangling menu posters Diners retro night drinks Diners retro night party balloons Diners retro night party centerpiece CD Diners retro night party coca cola box Diners retro night party decor Diners retro night party guest room Diners retro night party menu Diners retro night party room Diners retro night party table setup Diners retro night party waitress Diners retro night party welcome sign with poster Diners retro night party


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