Boho Chic and Dream First Birthday

Boho Chic and Dream First Birthday

Boho Chic and Dream First Birthday by Impressions:

This Boho Chis and Dream First Birthday party was planned by Impressions. The beautiful color scheme and flowers made this a birthday party to remember.

The dessert table was absolutely stunning! A large cake in the center of the table was decorated with flowers and intricate feathers. The top of the cake was covered in shimmering gold frosting and even included a realistic looking miniature tee-pee adorned with lace. The center of the cake was also decorated with an intricate lace dream catcher. On either side of the cake were platters filled with delicious looking goodies. One of the crystal platters was filled with cake pops that were decorated to the theme and a miniature cake with a large number for a cake topper. Other platters were filled with cookie and cupcakes, all of which were decorated to fit beautifully with the theme. One of the cookies was decorate to look like an adorable white dress covered in flowers and lace. Macaroons were set underneath and adorable miniature tee-pee.

The background of the dessert table was equally gorgeous! A large floral arrangement filled with flowers framed the background. The flowers were filled with greens, pale pinks, and whites. Large feathers were also placed into the top of the arrangement.  Behind the arrangement,  floral patterns were uniquely drawn on the wall and were used to frame a large dreamcatcher that was also drawn on the wall. The name of the birthday girl in bright pink was hung right below the extravagant flower arrangement. Two beautiful matching flower arrangements stood on either side of the cake in glass vases. Candles were also strategically placed throughout the table.  The front of the table included a pretty geometric design in red, gold, and black.

Party favors were elegantly arranged on classy gold trays. The favors were placed in boxes that fit perfectly with the theme. Some of the boxes were made to look like tee-pees and were covered with an elegant print. Other boxes were rectangular and were adorned with flowers and feathers.

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Woodland Wonderland

woodland wonderland party

Woodland Wonderland by Impressions

This fun and stylish tea party themed birthday party was planned by Impressions. The party was filled with flowers, greenery, and adorable woodland animals. This party was also an outdoor party, which fit perfect with the theme!

The dessert table was adorable! The cake was filled with intricate designs. The base of the cake was made to look like a log with moss growing on the sides. Small woodland animals sat on each tier of the cake. Some of the animals included a squirrel, owl, deer, and bunny. Trees were also covering the tiers of the cake. Some of the trees were even made to look 3D. A table that looked like a log held tasty treats on popsicle sticks that were designed to look like woodland creatures. There were even unique pudding cups that were topped with intricate leaves, berries, and acorns. Guests could also choose from adorably decorated cupcakes and cookies.

The background of the dessert table and the decor were stunning! A large white sheet featured adorable printed woodland creatures and the name of the of the guest of honor. An elaborate garland filled with greenery and flowers covered the top of the sheet.

Large cutouts of story-book like mushrooms and animals were placed in front of the dessert table. Real pinecones were placed throughout the table and party area to add to the woodland theme. Red berries, flowers, and greenery also covered front of the dessert area. The dessert table was long and wooden and filled with pops of color from colorful pedestals holding tasty treats. A beautiful floral arrangement was filled with plants and white flowers. The arrangement was even decorated with woodland animals.

Near the dessert table, a large background with woodland animals was the perfect place for a photo opportunity. The background was decorated with greenery and even included special lighting for picture perfect photos.

A special triangular shaped shelf served as the perfect spot to hold gifts for guests to take home. Each bag was decorated with an adorable woodland scene and included a matching gift tag attached with a white ribbon.

The guest tables were decorated perfectly to fit with the theme. The tables and chairs were wooden, which was perfect for an outdoor party. Each chair was decorated with a pretty ivy wreath with red berries. A long white table runner featured sweet woodland animals. Even the plates fit with the theme.

Credit: Conceptualisation, design, planning & execution : Impressions

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Girl’s First Birthday Tea Party

Girl's First Birthday Tea Party

Girl’s First Birthday Tea Party by  Aura Decorations:

This elegant and stylish tea party themed birthday party was planned by Aura Decorations. The party was filled with flowers, greenery, and pretty pastel colors.

The dessert table was adorable! A simple white cake was made elegant with drips of gold running down the sides. The cake was also covered with beautiful pink roses. Underneath the cake were trays filled with meticulously decorated cupcakes and cake-pops. A small side table held an additional tray of delicious looking cupcakes.

The background of the dessert table and the decor were stunning! A large cascade of blue, pink, and purple balloons above the cake was wrapped with elegant pink flowers. The cake itself was sitting on top of an old-fashioned white wagon cart constructed from metal. To the right of the main dessert area was a high chair painted gold. The chair featured adorable cookies that spelled out the word “one.” Sheer white curtains covered the wall. The floor was green, which gave the room an outdoor vibe.

The guest tables served as the perfect spot for tea. Each table included patterned ceramic tea pots surrounding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The entire table was covered with soft pink rose petals. Each guest was also treated to an adorable gift box at the spot. The gift boxes were full of floral patterns and were decorated with a light blue bow on the top.

Credits and Vendors:

Cake, Cupcakes and Minis Cakes: Ilza Placencio
Sweets: Lenni Events
Balloons Garland: Aura Decorations

first birthday big one sign first birthday decorations first birthday tea party setup first birthday florals first birthday pink and gold cupcakes pink and gold first birthday teapots pink rose birthday cake in gold tea party birthday

Princess Castle Party

Princess Castle Birthday for sisters

Princess Castle Party by KR Party Dreams:

This beautiful princess castle party was planned by KR Party Dreams. The party was filled with gold and pink. It appeared to be fit for a true princess.

The dessert table was absolutely stunning! A large four-tier pink and gold cake stood at the center of the table. The cake was decorated with ornate patterns in gold and even included a special royal crown on the top. Elegant pedestals held other sweet treats such as cookies and doughnuts. Some doughnuts were uniquely displayed on a wooden board to create a wall of gorgeous doughnut creations.  Guests were treated to specially wrapped chocolates with sparkling gold writing on each wrapper.

Even more stunning was the background of the dessert table. The background was made to look just like a fairytale castle. Everything was set on top of a perfect white floor and included amazing lighting. The front of the dessert table featured a large sparkling crown. To the side of the table was an elegant gold horse that looked like it came right off of a real carousel.

The guest tables were ready for the special royal guests. Each table setting came complete with a gold crown and matching cup, plate, and napkin. Every chair was specially decorated with pink tulle and gold crowns. At the center of each table was a flower arrangement bursting with shades of pink. The arrangement was placed in an a unique vase that included a gold crown surrounding the flowers.

Even the entrance to the party was eye catching. A large cutout made the entrance transform into a royal carriage. On either side of the carriage was a gold carousel horse.

Words from the planner: We are so excited to share this stunning princess castle setup for most adorable two little cute sisters who celebrated their birthdays together and we knew we had to do something special for these two angles.. Honestly, i would like to thank Kaushi Kajin Fernando & Kajin Fernando for trusting us and letting us to create such a beautiful setup within few daisy giving absolute freedom with theme.. Kaushi, you are such a nice person and happy work with you..

Credits / Vendors: Event Planning/styling – KR Party Dreams Sulochani Nanayakkara Event Photography- Cmosmedia Cake structure & sweets- Buns & Muffins Chocolate wrappers – Babes n’ Tots Invitations, Goody bags, chair back decors, party hats&table centerpieces – Love Every Detail

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Swan Princess First Birthday

Swan Princess First Birthday Ideas

This dazzling swan princess themed first birthday party was planned by Kaleidoscope Parties & Paperie. The party was sparkling with gold and was fit for royalty.

The dessert table was exquisite. At the center of the table was an elegantly designed pink and gold cake. The cake was decorated with a simple, but beautiful white flower. Cupcakes were wrapped in gold crowns and displayed on intricate white pedestals. Marshmallow treats were covered with sprinkles and decorated with pink bows. Guests could also choose from a variety of delicious candies that were displayed in glass jars. Each jar featured a unique label with a decorative swan.

The background fo the dessert table was stunning. Sheer white and pink curtains were staged between unique sparkling curtains. The pink table cloth was the perfect way to make the table extra special for a young princess. Pink and white roses stood above the desserts in shiny gold vases. At the front of the table was a beautiful glass swan to fit with the theme.

Party favors also incorporated swans. Each guest was treated to a custom wrapped candy bar. The wrapper included an elegant swan and a message for the birthday princess.

Event Planner: Kaleidoscope Parties & Paperie | FB

beautiful swan party tablescape

pearls and truffles party treats

pink and gold princess cake

pink and gold swan party dessert table

pink and gold swan party wrappers

Princess Swan Birthday Table Setup

princess tiara cupcake wrappers

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids