Dusty Rose and Gold Swan First Birthday

Dusty Rose and Gold Swan First Birthday tablescape
This dusty rose and gold swan themed birthday party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations in collaboration with JAlvarez & Company. The event was filled with whimsical decor and decorative gold embellishments. It was the perfect theme for a one-year-old’s birthday party.
Dusty Rose Swan First Birthday Party
The dessert area was gorgeous! A large three-tier cake took the center stage. The bottom tier of the cake was decorated to look like white swan feathers. The middle tiers were decorated in a lovely rose gold frosting and featured elegant gold embellishments. The cake was set on an ornate gold platter with decorative edging. The top of the cake was covered in white and pink flowers and topped with a customized swan. Other desserts included adorable cake pops made to look like swans and intricately decorated sugar cookies. The cake tops were set on top of a beautiful box that was decorated with flowers and swans.
beautiful swan birthday cake in gold and peach
The background of this swan themed dessert table was equally gorgeous! A crackled pink backdrop was outlined with sheer white curtains and featured the name of the birthday girl in shiny gold letters. A beautiful line of white and gold balloons ran through the background. The table holding the cake was shaped to look like a giant swan. The swan was even complete with a gold crown and decorative pink flowers. At the front of another table was a large cutout banner that read “1st birthday” in sparkling gold letters. This table also featured a gorgeous pink and white floral arrangement. A small pink watering was uniquely used to hold beautiful pink flowers.
The guest tables were also decorated beautifully to fit with the theme. Each table was covered with a crisp white table cloth and included rose-colored plates. Glass jars were used to hold pink flowers and decorative gold accents. Simple white chairs matched with the theme perfectly.
beautiful shades of pink flowers
dusty rose and gold swan guest table
large white swan shaped table
stunning pink and gold swan party tablescape
stunning swan cake
white swan party cakepops
white swan sugar cookies
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