Contemporary Geometrical Birthday Party

Contemporary Geometrical Birthday Party

This Contemporary Geometrical Birthday Party featured a bold arrangement of colors and shapes that gave a fantastic and elegant look. Ms. Laine Events beautifully styled this event to celebrate a very special 21st birthday party.  The venue featured large windows that let the natural light cascade throughout the room to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

The dessert station was a visual delight with all sorts of fun details. For a backdrop a sheer cloth was draped with golden letters spelling out the birthday vip’s name.  Large shape in gold and silver added a neat accent to this decor. On the left side of the table a massive column of white, silver, black and gold balloons stood tall.

To hold the treats, a lovely white vintage style desk was used. It was sweetly decorated with a row of greenery that went smoothly with a wonderful row of vases that line the floor. To satisfy the guests’ sweet tooth a tasty mix of treats was offered.  Tower style macarons in black, gray and white were topper with adorable edible flowers. Treats on sticks were frosted in white and then covered with wonderful geometric shapes. Each dessert was labelled with a lovely custom label that matched the theme perfectly. Golden wrapped candies stood on a table right nearby as an extra goodie to try as well. The cake was a wonderful finishing touch on this table with golden letters that stood tall from the top of the cake. Down the front of this cake an intricate arrangement of geometric shapes in various colors made a splendid addition to the cake.

From the Stylist – “Happy 21st birthday, Vincy! Thanks for giving us the freedom to design and decorate this modern geometrical theme!”


Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-21st-Balloon Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Balloons Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Cake Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Colorful-Macarons Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Colorful-Treats Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Custom-Labels Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Desserts Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Desserts-Table Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Gold-Topper Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Macarons Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Plants Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Sweets Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Contemporary-Geometrical-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Candies


Event stylist – Ms. Laine Events

Balloon and cake topper – Pop party

Photographer – Daphnie Loong



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