Modern Harry Potter Party


With the fantastic design skill of The COOP, this Modern Harry Potter Party created an imaginative wonderland of fun in this lovely backyard space.

Using black, gold and white for theme tones, all of the details had a dramatic style that stood out boldly. Geometric tablecloths made a unique and fantastic stage for the guest tables. To add a touch of detail the chairs were covered with ribbon backdrops and backers.

To give the venue a spell-like wonder, cauldrons were filled with dry ice, so a smooth rolling fog filled the area fantastically. A backdrop of gold and white ribbons set a soft background for a fun birthday message in black.  The dessert table was phenomenally done, filled with treats and decor galore. Using small bouquets of vibrant flowers for fillers, the table had a lifelike quality to it.  Each dessert offered went with the theme brilliantly from the tasty cupcakes to the spectacular birthday cake.

The table had massive black balloons floating above and a neat flag banner in front, accenting it marvelously.

One stand for cupcakes was a golden circle that was decorated with a pile of books with Harry Potter-like titles, making them a fantastic bit of decoration. Each of the cupcakes had a unique topper, from glasses to scarves.

To make this a one-of-a-kind party, there were even owls brought for the children to learn all about. They also got to take photos with the owls, for a lasting memory.

Gift bags were personalized with Harry Potter art and tied with fantastic sheer gold and black ribbons.

Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Gift-Bags Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Golden-Snitch Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Gold-Glitter-Lightning-Bolt Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Griffyndor-Scarf Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Hogwarts-Food Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Hogwarts-Quidditch-Party-Ideas Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Popcorn-Cups Modern-Harry-Potter-Party-Spells-Potions-Cupcakes

Credits –

Event design and execution: The COOP

Cake, cupcakes, sweet treats: Blue Cupcake

Photography: Bebe Jacobs

Balloons: North Star Balloons

Plates: Meri Meri Party

Catering: Heirloom LA

Owls: Zebra Entertainment Events

Harry Potter Show and Spell tutorial: Action Events LA

Hogwarts Banner:


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