Science Party Ideas

A science themed party is an event full of imagination and eccentric fun, and it allows guests to really use their noggins while having a great time. Between bold decorations, vibrant food, and interactive party games, this is a theme that is truly memorable.

Science Party Invitations

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Science Party Decorations

Get ready to decorate with lots of bright colors, as you can incorporate everything from neon orange to hot pink to day glow yellow to fluorescent green. Paint Styrofoam balls the colors of the nine planets and hang up along the ceiling and use streamers with beaker images to line the walls. Post up images and cutouts of atoms, cartoon mad scientists, and any general snapshots of what might be in science laboratories. Dim lighting with buckets of smoldering dry ice and black lights really set the atmosphere for the theme brilliantly. Big, metallic silver balloons and square banners with the element symbols are also great additions to décor. Drape your tables in neon green table cloths and set up a photo booth for your guests with mad scientist themed props. Don’t forget chalkboards with different science symbols and diagrams drawn on them, along with colorful chalk provided for the guests to have a little fun, too. No matter how big or small, elaborate or subtle, your venue might be, these decorations work for every type of party and you can never have too much science goodies!

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Science Party Food

Set up a main event table to house the cake and all the other scientific treats. A cake in the shape of a lab beaker, a sheet cake with the periodic table iced on, or a triple tiered cake in shades of orange, yellow, and blue are all great options when deciding on a good cake for your party. Neon green sugar cookies in the image of the radioactive symbol, eyeball cake pops, colorful candies in test tubes, and orange frosted cupcakes with spaceship toppers are all delightful not only for the sweet tooth, but also for the imagination. Chocolate brownies with gummy worms and cups full of dirt cake pudding are delicious, while green jello in miniature measuring cups are a classic staple. For saltier fares, “DNA” pasta salad and biohazard boxes filled with crackers or cheese squares are easy to eat. A punch bowl filled with dry ice for effect and green punch that looks fantastic in replica test tubes is sure to bring about smiles. Another great addition for the food is an ice cream bar set up like a miniature laboratory. Here, the guests can make cups of ice cream and pile on whatever silly science toppings they wish.

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Science Party Favors & Games

Activities for a science party can be so interactive and engaging for your guests, and you can use these activities and games to merge with your guest party favors. Set up an area with a lab coat and glasses for everyone and have safe experiments available that everyone can participate in, like a lava cake volcano, paint by number, make homemade “slime” with a bunch of simple, safe household items thrown together, or make your own lava lamp. Hand out fun prizes to not only the winners, but also a little something for everyone else. Great ideas for awesome gifts for your guests are little things like mad science Mad Libs, bags of colorful macaroons, scientist glasses, miniature telescopes, magnifying glasses, or glow in the dark alien head erasers. Round all these up into a cool pouch that has the image of a moving atom on the front or a hazardous material box. Furthermore, let the guests take their activity science lab coats and goggles home as an extra little something to remember what a fun time they had.

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