Parisian Birthday Party Ideas

A Parisian themed birthday party is the perfect theme Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera or for a little girl who loves pink. Pink and black will be the main color scheme for this theme. Another popular color scheme for this theme is pink and gold. The opportunity for decorations is endless. Some of the decor options available include stickers, balloons, themed printable labels for gift bags, water bottles, and cupcake toppers. You might even consider using decorations that you already have around the house. Chances are if you are throwing a Parisian birthday party, the birthday girl might already have some gorgeous pink and black decor in her room. Using Paris themed decorations from the birthday girl’s room can add a personal touch to the party.

Parisian Decorations

While decorations make the party beautiful, don’t forget all of the party essentials. There is a large variety of Paris themed plates, cups, and napkins available. Many times you can even find coordinating sets. You might also opt for solid black or bright pink plates to fit with the color scheme. Solid party supplies would be very easy to find at your local party supplies shop.

Decorations will be key to making your Parisian themed party a party to remember! Of course, the Eiffel tower will need to make an appearance. You can find many different Eiffel tower statues available in all different colors. If you’re not happy with the color, most are plastic or metal, so just break out the spark paint to fit the color scheme. These statues can be used to decorate the dessert area, side tables, or even as centerpieces. Cupcake toppers are another great way to incorporate the Eiffel tower. Many cupcake toppers are in the shape of the Eiffel tower or include adorable graphics.

There are a plethora of happy birthday banners to fit with the Parisian theme. Many banners are designed to hang in front of the dessert table or across and archway. These make for easy and beautiful decorations that can also be re-used for future birthday events.

Since Paris is considered the “city of love,” give each guest a rose as they arrive. You don’t have to spend a ton on real roses. Many companies sell fake roses that look just as beautiful for a fraction of the price. You can often buy these roses in bulk.

Don’t forget to decorate the ceiling! Balloons, lanterns, and tissue paper pom poms are becoming increasingly popular party decor, especially for Parisian themed parties. Many of these items can be bought in packages together and are designed to fit with the Parisian theme.

red and black parisian birthday

Credits – Oh Feri – Party and Event Styling

Parisian Dessert Bar

With a large variety of pink and even black candies on the market, consider having a Dessert bar for your Parisian themed party. Dessert bars are not only fun for the kids! They also serve a decorative purpose. Place different sweets and treats in a variety of stylish clear jars and trays to add extra flair to your Parisian party. Some great treats to have for the theme would be delicious Crème Brûlée, Macaroons, Éclairs, Mini Croissants.

parisian candy bar

A Lovely Design

Parisian Party Bags

Don’t forget about the party favors! Your guests will love receiving a sweetly scented candle with a customized wrapper. There are also many companies that sell labels for mini hand sanitizers. Pick up miniature bottles of pink hand sanitizer and add your own personal touch. If you already have the perfect party favor in mind, consider purchased themed gift bags.

Parisian Party Food & Drinks

No party is complete without food! A pink and black birthday cake can be made complete with an Eiffel tower shaped topper. There are a plethora of 3D Eiffel tower cake toppers available on the market. Ice cream can be served in cocktail glasses to add a fancy touch. Use cookie cutters to make adorable poodle shaped cookies. For an easy dessert, set out chocolate-covered strawberries in muffin liners. Macaroons are a must for a Parisian themed birthday party. Consider displaying macaroons in a tower formation or serving them on a tiered tray.

Beverages are essential! To add a touch of class, serve pink lemonade in plastic champagne flutes. You can dress up your plain plastic water bottles with Paris themed wrappers. Many wrappers are even able to be customized.

pink parisian pink lemonade champagne flutes tied with curling ribbon

via BirthdayExpress

Parisian Party Games

Make sure to have plenty of games to entertain your guests! If you have a couple of spare plastic Eiffel towers, consider using them for a fun ring toss game. An Eiffel tower pinata can provide plenty of fun for an indoor or outdoor party. Make sure to fill it with candy or other small goodies. If you’re looking for a quiet indoor game, there are many versions of Paris themed bingo available. You may even want to offer small themed prizes or candy for the winners.

La Paris Cafe Prop

Paris Glittering Diamond Letter Set

Pink Paris Party Supplies


A photo booth is also a great way to keep both young and old guests occupied. Consider purchasing a backdrop with the iconic Eiffel Tower. There are many backdrops available in different styles and colors. Mustaches, berets, and fancy glasses are sure to make the perfect props.

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