Closet In Paris Birthday Party


Marques brought a vision of Paris to life with this fantastic Closet In Paris Birthday Party.  A blend of vintage style patterns and bold pink, black and gold colors make a perfect introduction to this lovely and extravagant get-together.

An entire corner of the venue was dedicated to giving a closet like vibe with a vintage vanity and all sorts of fun closet style decor. A backdrop with a fantastic black and white patterned look showcased fun framed art. Additionally there were golden frames that were empty to, adding to the trendy style. A golden mannequin was adorned with beads and set on a large pink box with little gift bags for the guests to enjoy. Beside the pink box, a taller black one also held some fantastic goody boxes. There was even a fun, neon pink light behind the tables to add a soft ambiance to the room. A round table was set beside the vanity with a large Mary Kay sign in pink and it had all sorts of Paris cups with Eiffel towers on them. Shrubbery in the doorway added a fun natural touch to the look.

The buffet tables were divided up with a stand in the center to hold the delightful layered cake.  Each table had a wonderful 3-D print cover that created an upholstered look that stood out beautifully.  Large bouquets of flowers gave an elegant vibe and a simplistic backdrop was created for this section from black fabric layered under a soft pink fabric. More golden mannequins were used to decorate the tables, each strewn with beads of course.  

The treats were all exquisitely designed to match the theme, cupcakes with little Eiffel towers looked quite decadent and there were all sorts of small sweets to try out.  The trays used were absolutely stunning in gold and minute detailing.

Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Vanity Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Treats Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Snack-Tables Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Mannequin Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Lilys Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Eiffel-Towers Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Doll Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cups Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Closet-Setup Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cake Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Buffet-Tables Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Buffet

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