Sweet Sixteen Paris Style Birthday


This Sweet Sixteen Paris Style Birthday was a vision of sophistication and style with a teal, black and white color scheme. With the expertise of Distinctive Party Designs, the venue for the party was a stunning display of elegance that any kid could fall in love with.

The dessert table was spectacular, a perfect blend of decor and treats to keep everyone thoroughly entertained. A long row was set up and covered in a shimmering teal cloth that draped to the ground.  Along the back of the table, a white cover was used as a runner to add color and dimension to the various treats.  The front of the table displayed black trays with delicious little snacks like Eiffel tower cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.  Down the center of the table the voluminous cake towered as a centerpiece to remember.  Covered in fantastic detailing, this cake was a decadent display that looked as scrumptious as it did artful. To each side of the cake adorable cake pops were set on glamorous white stands and tied with teal bows for a cute touch.

The backdrop to this table was astounding in detail and size.  A large “Paris Sweet Sixteen” was printed with an Eiffel tower beside it on a teal tone that blended with the theme with precision. It was framed in large paper flowers adding to the elegance of the theme.  

Guest tables offered a sophisticated seating option for the visitors with chairs covered in black and tied with large satin teal bows. Each table had a black cover as well, so the gorgeous, white flower centerpieces stood out beautifully.  Runners in black and white added a brilliant display as well. Rather than wrapping the silverware with the napkins in a classic way, they were fluffed in glasses for a lovely look that was sure to impress.

Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Cake Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Cakepops Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Cakepops-Decor Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Chocolate-Bars Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Chocolate-Covered-Strawberries Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Cupcakes Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Desserts Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Dessert-Table Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Eiffel-Tower-Cookies Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Flowers Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Framed-Art Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Guest-Seating Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Macarons Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Rice-Krispy-Treats Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Teal-Black-Decor Sweet-Sixteen-Paris-Style-Birthday-Treats

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Distinctive Party Designs


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