Mystical Harry Potter Birthday Party

Mystical Harry Potter Birthday Party


Invento Festa took the cake with this fantastical Mystical Harry Potter Birthday Party themed event. Using a variety of golden ornate frames along with piles of rustic style books, the venue had a charming look that would draw guests right into a world of imagination.

The dessert table was exquisitely designed with framed graphic art on the wall and red drapes on each side to give an elegant look.  An arrangement of various sized rustic chests were used to hold fun decorations and tasty snacks that matched the theme smoothly.

Any Harry Potter fan could fall in love with the three tiered cake designed for the party.  Each layer had varying colors and had an adorable Dobby topper. The cake was actually placed on a hat box for a neat effect. At the front of the table, yummy sugar cookies were perfectly detailed to look like icons and characters from the series.  Cupcakes stood on each side with beautiful and delicious looking tops too.  With chocolate covered cookies and boxes of jelly beans, this table had a little bit of everything for the guests to enjoy.

Beverages were placed in vintage style jars with antique labels, adding to the mystical vibe of the party.  There was ornately framed graphics and other art that was customized to match the theme too.

The guest tables were set up to look like the Houses of Harry Potter, each one decorated to match its flag in turn. With black table cloths as a base, the colorful runners and floral displays stood out brilliantly. Each floral display even had a cute flag to designate which house the table represented. The chairs were black and white, offering a modern look that stood out. The seating was outdoors with a wonderful clear awning to allow natural lighting to drift in.

Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Beverages Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Books Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Broom-Decor Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cake-Topper Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Chocolate-Cupcakes Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Chocolates Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Art Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Donut-Holes Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Floral-Centerpieces Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Framed-Graphic-Art Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Golden-Cakepops Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Golden-Cupcake-Topper Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Golden-Frame Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Golden-Frames Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Graphic-Art Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Hogwarts-Express-Sign Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Jelly-Beans Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Owl Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Pumpkin-Spice-Liqueur Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Red-Flowers Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Snacks Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Dog Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Sweets Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Vintage-Books Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Wall-Art-Decor Mystical-Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-White-Flowers


Planning/design – Invento FestaDoces-Bolos MariaceliaImagine Oficina CriativaElla Arts and Criss leases

Photography – Junior Rock Photography



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