Pinkalicious Wintry Wonderland Party

Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Dessert-Buffet

With a twist on a classic woodland vibe, this Pinkalicious Wintry Wonderland Party was quite a vision! MLC Event Planning went all out with this fantastic theme to celebrate a special little ones birthday perfectly.

Pink and silver made a stunning base for the party tones, giving a sparkle to the venue that stood out beautifully.  

A gorgeous dessert table was set up with lovely decor. A backdrop of shimmering silver gave a wintry vibe while adding some glamour to the look.  The table was set in a fantastic textured cover and was scattered with snow trimmed pinecones.  At the back of the table pink and white pine trees introduced this adorable theme beautifully.  

The special birthday girl even had her name spelled out in massive light up letters.  Tasty cookies were offered on a cute little tray and jars filled with sweet Hershey kisses.  The jars blended with the theme perfectly with silver and pink bows attached. One of the jars stood at the back of the table with its tall shape. The top of the jar was filled with golden decor that drew the eye. At the center, a fantastic cake was frosted in pink and white and even had a clear snowflake for a topper.  Nearby, another table was set up with chips and dip as well as the makings for delicious rollups for the guests to enjoy.

Other fantastic decorations included a tree without leaves holding gorgeous clear ornaments filled with snow and attached to pink snowflakes.  These personalized Christmas bulbs made a charming addition to the theme.  Behind them a row of shimmering tinsel decor enhanced the look of the room fantastically. Even the beverages went with the them with little swirly straws topped with adorable mini snowflakes.

Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Banner Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Beverage-Straws Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Buffet Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Cake Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Cookies Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Letters-Lightup Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Ornaments Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Pinecones Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Snowflake-Bow Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Snowflake-Glitter-Decor Pinkalicious-Wintry Wonderland-Party-Tree


Credits –

Styling and Planning –

Photos – Genna Sandler

Cake and Cupcakes – Ralph’s Bakery

Indoor Playground –  Kidz Korner


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