Sweet Pink Winter ONEderland

Laurie from Feather and Fray put on a beautiful party for a gorgeous little girl, filling the space with all things pink and pretty. A mixture of rich treats, soft fabrics, and airy, crisp colors of pinks and whites made this party a delightful and bright event full of love and sweetness as the guests celebrated the little princess’ first birthday.

Sweet Pink Winter wonderland ideas

A main event table was set up with long ribbons of pink and white tulle knotted along the entire edge, with complimenting tufted flowers of pink and white tulle posing as a table back drop along a wide space of the wall. Garland letters reading “Winter ONEderland” were strung up from the ceiling surrounded by dangling snowflakes of all sizes. A picture frame sat prominently on the side of the table facing guests, with a chevron insert that offered a welcome message.

A one-layered cake with frilly ombred pink and white icing sat in the center of the table with birthday wishes written on top and a bright pink sign in front that read “SWEET”. Tall, glass apothecary jars full of Hershey’s kisses, sweet candies, white powdered doughnuts, and glimmering pink rock candy surrounded the birthday cake and bringing the look of a pink winter wonderland to life. Shining white platters presented pink frosted cupcakes with candied snowflakes on top, pale pink macaroons, elaborately decorated snowflake sugar cookies, and white chocolate dipped pretzels. Cake pops dipped in silver sprinkles looked absolutely magical, while sparkling juices with striped pink straws were offered to the guests. Gray, chevron pattered signs offered cute labels for all of the delicious food.

The little birthday girl was dressed in a fluffy tutu and a fuzzy hat, looking adorable, and making sure this birthday party was anything but warm and full of love.

Credits –

Laurie from Feather and Fray / Facebook / Etsy

Photography – Wellspring photography

See bottom of page for What Laurie said about the Sweet Pink Winter ONEderland party –

decordecoration one-tutu-chair pops Sweet Pink Winter wonderland cake sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-birthday-girl sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cake-top sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cookies sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cookies-pops sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cupcakes sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cupcakes-rock-candy sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cupcakes-treat sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-cupcakes-treats sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-drinks sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-drink-top sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-ideas-food sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-ideas-tutu-pom sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-labels sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-roasted-almond-coconut sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-snowball sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-snow-drizzled-strawberry sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-snow-drizzled-strawberyy sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-table sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-tassel winter-onederland-banner-sweet-pink-winter-wonderland-
What Laurie said about the Sweet Pink Winter ONEderland party:

An Associate Event Planner at Elite Events in Toledo, Ohio as well as a mother of two- I wanted to create an over-the-top feminine bash to celebrate my sweet daughter Aubrie turning ONE! I drew my inspiration from my own work experience with parties and my natural crafting ability. I always envisioned a pink and grey winter theme for her first birthday party. We decided to throw the party at our home in Bowling Green, Ohio.

I wanted a Pretty-in-Pink menu and only offered food that matched the color scheme in order to carry the color theme throughout the party. The key to this table of sweets? Sprinkles. I hand dipped pink marshmallows and strawberries in white chocolate and covered them with grey sprinkles. More complicated desserts such as the pink macaroons with sparkly accents, the snowflake sugar cookies, and the vanilla with strawberry filled snowflake cupcakes were outsourced from Sugar Shack Specialty Sweets. The pink ruffle birthday cake (with ombre layers inside) also had bright pink sprinkles on the top of the cake and it was created by a family friend Sue Reidling.

I used apocathary jars (rented from Elite Events) and filled them with white powdered donut holes, silver Hersey’s kisses, pink m&m’s, marshmallows, and pink and white rock candy. I also filled little containers with pink chocolate covered almonds and raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.

I did not want to overload the family with only desserts and sugar, so I also served white or pink snacks such as brie and cheddar cheeses, homemade salmon dip, a mixed fruit salad, and homemade old fashion pink popcorn (I found a recipe online). The drinks were light and dark pink Izzy drinks (grapefruit and black cherry flavors).
The sweets did double duty as party favors! I purchased grey and white chevron baggies and guests were able to take delicious sweets home with them after the party.

Gorgeous and tasty food/drinks are only one aspect to a good party-decor plays a very important role. I wanted Aubrie in a tutu dress that I found, so I decided I would use tulle to create a backdrop and table skirt. I wanted to do something unique, that I haven’t seen before and decided on a tulle pom backdrop. I used three shades of pink (hot pink, a muted bubble gum pink, and a soft rose) along with a silvery grey. I searched online and found an easy no sew tutorial and 8 hours later had a gorgeous feminine backdrop. I then found a grey and white chevron fabric from hobby lobby and decided to use it as a tablecloth top. I wanted a tutu table skirt so I attached tulle strips I cut to the table, in order to achieve the girly look I wanted.

I handmade all of the tented cards (grey chevron paper with pink background) for the food and carried the winter theme with the names such as: “snow drizzled strawberries”, “sugar snow cookies”, ” “snow covered marshmallows”, “icicles”, and “snowballs”. Snowflake ornaments were pulled out of my Christmas decor storage and strung from the ceiling. I painted branches white and hung snowflake ornaments and mini tulle poms from the branches and placed those throughout the party area in tall vases from Elite Events. The birthday banner “Winter ONEderland” was purchased from a company on Etsy.com called PaperPartyParade and it was custom made for the party. I bought the grey chevron dessert bags and the grey and pink stripey straws from the Elite Events Boutique.

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