Modern Wonderland 1st Birthday


This Modern Wonderland 1st Birthday designed by Whitney Miller Designs was a perfect blend of sophistication and fun.

The invitations created had a wonderful arrangement of colorful snowflakes on postcards that had a weathered effect and a vintage font that stood out beautifully.

A wonderland dessert table made a great attention grabber at this party with all sorts of details to draw the eye. A backdrop of snowy windows was accented with fun patterned banners. The table was a modern, sheek, black stand for all of the tasty foods.

A delicious variety of snacks was offered from popcorn balls to chocolate covered pretzels. Sugar cookies were adorably shaped into snowflakes and frosted in purple, blue and white. There were even homemade polar pies to enjoy.

For beverages milk, was offered in cute little jars with swirly straws and fantastic labels that matched the theme beautifully.

Every 1st birthday party should have a smash cake and this one was quite lovely with a cute little girl topper holding a single candle.  The cake for the guests was made to match the smash cake, in soft pink frosting.  It was a sweet raspberry flavored wonder for everyone to enjoy.  To go with the theme, a lovely little girl stood on top in a mini winter wonderland of her own.  The cake was labeled to match the other foods in colors and fonts that matched the invitations.

Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Banner-Decor Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Cake Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Cake-Topper Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Cookies Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Cupcakes Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Cut-Cake Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Flowers Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Flower-Tower Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Gift-Bags Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Gifts Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Ice-Crystals Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Invitation Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Labels Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Milk Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Popcorn-Balls Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Pretzels Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Treat Modern-Wonderland-1st-Birthday-Treats

Credits –

Winter Wonderland Birthday Invitation – Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio and Design

Winter Wonderland Cookies – The Cookie Jar

S’mores Mini Cupcakes – Cupcrazed Cupcake Bar

Straws, Plastic Plates and Tie Napkins – Modern Lola

Hot Chocolate on a Stick – (recipe posted by Make & Takes)

Headbands – Tadpole and Lily

Birthday Cake and Smash Cake – M H Brode

Custom Candle Holder used on Smash Cake – Sweetiepie Caketopper Shop

Party Design – Whitney Miller Designs

Ceramic Egg Crate – Anthropologie


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