Hollywood Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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A Hollywood themed birthday party is a snazzy one full of glitter and glamour that your guests will be talking about for a long time. Invitations are especially fun to create and send out, as they can be reminiscent of what movie stars get when they are invited to award shows or movie premieres. These can get your guests really excited about the amazing party you’re putting together for them in celebration of a birthday for any age.

Hollywood Themed Party Invitations

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Hollywood Themed Party Decorations

Décor rests on a bold canvas of black, white, and red colors mixed with golds and silvers. Replicating the night sky of Hollywood with a black backdrop and tiny white stars that glitter can make your guests feel like they just walked out into a California night and are gazing up at the Hollywood sign. You should replicate this very sign all over your birthday party venue and really glitz it up in silver and gold tones with spot lighting that illuminates it.

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You can even create a DIY photo booth with this same backdrop that guests absolutely love, complete with props like feather boas, top hats, and big sunglasses. Roll out a faux red carpet for your guests to walk on as they enter and set up décor hangings of movie reels, CUT! signs, and marquee lights. Cutouts of famous celebrities from the old movie star days such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra add a touch of pizazz and also make for more photo opportunities for your guests.

Tinsel garland, gold balloons, and velvet red tablecloths add a sophisticated flair. You can even hang up big stars with each guest’s name on each one that poses as a replica of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and these can be favors that the guests take home with them as well). Of course, you can’t forget the floral arrangements. Red roses are absolutely perfect for this event and big or small bouquets placed as centerpieces or just around the room in general bring a beautiful look to your Hollywood party.

Hollywood Themed Party Setting

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Hollywood Themed Tableware

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Hollywood Themed Party Food

The food table is where you can really go all out with fancy fares, and that starts with the birthday cake. The birthday cake should be as extravagant as you can make it and it should embody all the glitz that is Hollywood glam. Try a three-tiered cake with sugar fondant designs of red carpets, stars, movie reels, and spotlights, with a cake topper that replicates the Hollywood sign letters, but instead spell out the birthday boy or girl’s name.

Other types of great cakes that are full of Hollywood detail are shapes of Hollywood imagery like a cake in the form of a Walk of Fame star or a movie reel. Regardless of what you choose to do with the birthday cake, don’t forget the details, as this is what makes a great Hollywood cake. On the same table as the birthday cake should be all the other food and treats that are just as embellished.

Star-shaped sugar cookies and award-molded gigantic pieces of chocolate served on glittering black plates are a gorgeous addition, while old timey popcorn boxes full of whatever salty snack you choose give a fun flair to the table. Cake pops with bow ties and olives served in martini glasses encompasses the best of old Hollywood glam. Gold bucket full of candy and cupcakes on silver stands with the faces of Hollywood celebrities as toppers ties the theme together brilliantly.

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Hollywood Themed Party Favor & Games

Party favors are ridiculously fun and classy with a Hollywood theme birthday party. Hand out personalized barware or bottle stoppers with a movie reel on top. Hollywood star coasters or star-shaped sunglasses will ensure smiles. You can always incorporate favors into party games as well, and doing this really keeps the guests engaged and interacting. Do a movie trivia and award guests with fun prizes like mock Oscar awards. You can also play a movie star charades game and hand out party favors like DVD’s of classic Hollywood, award-winning movies. No matter what favors or activities you choose for your guests, a Hollywood birthday party is sure to be one full of laughs, delectable foods, and unforgettable memories.


Hollywood Themed Photo Booth Props

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