40th Hollywood Glam Party

For this 40th Old Hollywood Glam Birthday party, Chic Style Events created a table that could make anyone feel like a star. Using a color palette of black, white and gold, each bit of decor was elegant and sophisticated, giving a soft atmosphere that could easily be enjoyed.

40th Hollywood Glam Party Ideas

The table was set against a bright wall and for the backdrop curtains were draped in elegant fashion, giving a deep bold color to the table that was dramatic and lovely.

The arrangement of dishe used to display the desserts was marvelous, some clear glass, some vintage style and golden.  Little martini glasses were set out with yummy chocolate cake pops that had little flags sticking out to the side, giving a straw-like effect.

Star cookies were frosted in a golden tone and framed in black for a sophisticated touch, they were set right beside decadently created chocolate covered oreos, perfectly covered in black and white.

Personalized candy bars were wrapped in fun black,white and gold paper adding to the glam perfectly. Wonderfully frosted cupcakes were topped with old-fashioned Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn.

For a pearl-like addition, golden sixlets were put into fantastic vintage-style jars and decorated with neat little pearl, black and white decor. A spread of pretty flowers were placed across the table, along with other neat decorations, like black ribbons and feathers. Each treat was labeled beautifully.

The cake was a vision of layers, frosted to perfection and displayed as a fantastic centerpiece to the glamorous table. With fantastic detailing like ribboning along the bottom layer, this cake oozed sophistication and glamor. It was topped with a gorgeous golden star, ensuring that it was the stand-out on the table.  Set on a tall white tray, this cake was a dessert to remember for a long time to come.

Credits –

Styling and concept – Chic Style Events

Cupcakes, Cake and cookies – Oh Sugar

Golden sixlets – Petite Portions

Chocolate covered oreos – Sweettooth Candy Buffets

Chocolates – Chic Style Events

Labels – Amaretto Handcrafted

Macarons – Her Macarons

Cake pops – The Cake Pop Emporium

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Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration

This Parisian Love Affair birthday celebration was a stunning example of how patterns can bring a party to life.  Oh Feri – Party and Event Styling brought together a whole collection of Parisian qualities that were certain to please the party VIP.

Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration dessert table

A bold backdrop of black and white stripes was used to set the tone for the entire treat table. Bringing an elegance and noise to the set-up, this back drop was a wonderful stage-setter.

This table was all about the details, with its mash-up of tasty treats and unique decor.  A gorgeous canvas of the Eiffel tower was propped up on one side of the table and its sepia tones created a vintage look that really popped.

For a touch of color, red was incorporated into the table in a variety of ways, giving a vibrancy that was sure to be appreciated. A large bouquet of red tulips was set up high, giving a layered look and added a natural touch to the table. Placed perfectly in front of the bouquet was a classic clock with roman numerals, adding a sweet touch of history and beauty.

Other neat additions to this table were mini traveling cases, some in deep brown and some in black and white, each adding a thrilling touch to the table as they were used to hold goodies.

The cake blended with the theme gracefully, decorated in elegant fashion and standing front and center.  With three layers of divine beauty, this treat was one to remember.

The take-home packages were pure perfection with a black and white striped pattern and red and black bows to draw the eye. Each had a sweet, Thank-you label that matched the theme by adding a neat pattern to the bag.

Credits – Oh Feri – Party and Event Styling

Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration cake Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration cupcakes Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration favor bags Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration parasols Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration sugar cookies Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration tower decoration Parisian Love Affair Birthday Celebration treats

Chic Coco-Chanel Inspired 30th Birthday

What better way to celebrate another year of fabulous life than to have a Coco Chanel extravaganza? Oh, Sugar! Events rocked an event that could impress any fan of sophistication and elegance, showcasing a dessert table that was sheer perfection.

The table was placed in such a way as to use the wall of the venue to bring a dramatic accented effect to the look. With black and white as the color base, the wall was bright white with black trim, really standing out while not overtaking the arrangement of decor and snacks in front of it.


The table was covered in a black cloth, and in front of it was a fantastic banner spelling out ‘Chanel No 30’ in circles for a unique look that set the stage perfectly for the party theme.

The set-up on the table was wonderful, adorable wrought-iron mannequins were placed on each side of the back, dressed in cute little touches, like strands of pearls and ribboned hats.  On was set on an elegant box, tied with a black ribbon for a sweet effect.

A tray of delicious cookies was set out, covered in a quilt-patterned frosting and labelled with Coco-Chanel’s logo. It made a sweet treat that doubled as a decoration, reflecting Coco-Chanels token bags. The cupcakes were a vision of tastiness, red velvet wonders covered in adorable flowers that were perfectly placed.

To steal the attention of the whole table the cake was 3 huge tiers of sophistication that stood tall on a fabulous white cake tray. Each layer was decorated in unique fashion, and the entire bit was topped with a fantastic bottle of Chanel No 5. With each detail precisely attended to, this event was sure to be an exquisite celebration to remember.

Credits – All goodies, photography, event design & styling: Oh, Sugar! Events

chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-black_white_treats chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-black-white-pretzels chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-cake-inspirations chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-decorations chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-dessert-table chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-ideas chic-coco-chanel-inspired-30th-birthday-stunning-treats

Chanel Inspired Birthday Party

With a flair of detailing that created an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, Kate of Kiss Me Kate put together a Chanel Inspired Birthday Party to remember!

A smooth blend of black, white, pink, and silver was used to bring this event to life.


Each decoration and treat was adorned beautifully with jewels and jewelry in a way that added glamour that anyone could appreciate.  Perfectly decorated cupcakes were displayed on lovely mirrors, giving a fuller than full effect and a scattering of pretty jewels made it look very sheek. Each cupcake was frosted uniquely from the CC to patterned and flower-topped varieties. The labels for each treat were a vision of sophistication in black and white glitter that stood out boldly.

The dishes used to show off all of the snacks were magnificent, each one was a shimmering success. On mirrored square tray had personalized chocolate bars that look wonderful, set right next to a fantastic bottle of perfume and even a string of pearls.

A group of macaroons was spread on a lovely tiered tray with more fun perfume bottles and a vibrantly red bottle of lipstick that added color splendidly to the display.  Wonderful glass jars with a variety of tasty treats were spread around the table as well, with the smooth labels and fun splashes of black ribbon and jewels.  There were even cake pops each frosted in pink, black or white, embracing the color palette perfectly.

No Chanel party is complete without a spectacular cake, and this one was no acception.  The cake was two layers of decadence perfectly patterned and jeweled, so much so that it was almost sad to eat it all up! It was set on a lovely tray with an array of jewelry that emphasized the theme fantastically.

Credits – Kiss Me Kate

chocolate coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-cake coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-chocolate-wrapper-diamond coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-classic-makeup coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table-with-treats coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table-with-treats-snacks coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-macarons coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-toffee-bon-bons coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treat coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treats coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treats-cakepops coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes-beauty coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes-glam-sparkle coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-welcome-sign-classy-fabulous

Gold & Black Damask 70th Birthday Party

Invento Festa went all out on this lovely elegant 70th  Birthday Party.  Using a wonderful blend of black, white and a smidge of gold, the color base offered a sophisticated look that was certain to impress the guests.


The snack table was a modern-vintage mash-up that looked tres chic. With a backdrop of black and white vintage patterned damask fabric, the look was set. Right in front of the fabric, a gorgeous golden frame was centered to create a fantastic effect. The table used for the snacks was a pretty wood that didn’t need any cover to look perfect. The wooden detailing really drew the eye and in combination with the arrangement of food, it was a wonderful decorative and functional tool.

Each tray/plate/bowl used to display the food items was pure elegance. Ornate detailing and lovely shades of white and black ensured that each treat stood out individually as well as blending wonderfully as a whole. A gorgeous tea cup was set on a plate and a mirror, then filled with lovely flowers to create a decoration that added emphasis to the theme.  There was even a pretty set of pearls draped on the table, adding to the adorably vintage feel.

The treats were all delicious looking and very detailed. Cake pops were covered in white with little sticks and had gorgeous black patterns drawn on them. Macaroons were topped with cute little flowers for a bold effect. There were even sweet biscuits to enjoy.

Centered on the table, in the framed backdrop, the cake was three layers of divinity just waiting to be eaten up.  In an arrangement of black and white detailing, this cake added a sophisticated touch that really stole the show. It was even set on a tall black cake tray, adding a dramatic effect that was sure to stand out.

Credits – Event Planning – Invento Festo

black-damask-70th-birthday-party-cakepopsblack-damask-70th-birthday-party-cookies black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-cake-centerpiece black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-cake-centerpiece-ideas black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-close-gift-box black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangement black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangements black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangements-decorations black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas-macarons black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas-treats black-damask-70th-birthday-party-main-table black-damask-70th-birthday-party-treats gold-black-damask-70th-birthday-party-decorated-drinking-glass gold-black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-close