Pink And Gold Spa Birthday


Glamour Avenue Parties was responsible for this outstanding Pink And Gold Spa Birthday.  Pink, black and white made the perfect tones for this extravagant event, creating a look of sophistication that kids were sure to love.  

This party venue had a special section set up for the girls to have a fantastic photo taken with props! A background was made in white and black polka dots and accented at the top with large pink and black pinwheels.  The props were set on a table to the side making it simple for the girls to choose which ones they wanted for their personal ‘star’ shot. From gloves to glasses, there was definitely enough to please each kid to come up with a fun pose.

The dessert table was fabulous with a black polka dot cover as a base. At the front of the table a strand of tassels was draped with white, pink, black and gold tones.  The tassel banner matched the backdrop of gold and it’s flag banner centerpiece too. The treats made for this stylish party were delicious looking vanilla cupcakes. They had polkadot cups to match them and were even topped with sprinkles to add a bit of color. Pink and black plastic silverware made for easy clean up when dining was done.

The guest dining area was lavishly designed with a white cover and all sorts of fun polka dots.  Gold placemats made a lovely background for the polka dot plates too. Even the napkins went with the theme with a black and white polka dot design.

To appropriately spoil this group of gals a special station was set up for all things spa. Special mirrors were placed on a table covered in white and black bowls allowed for stylish spa treatments to occur.  There were even individually wrapped towels for drying off with!

Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Balloons Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Costumes Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Cupcakes Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Desserts Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Guest-Plates Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Photo-Station Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Place-Settings Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Spa-Decor Pink-And-Gold-Spa-Birthday-Tassel-Decor


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Glamour Avenue Parties


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