Quaint Spa And Tea Birthday Party


My Little Angel Decorations brought some serious luxury to this adorable, Quaint Spa And Tea Birthday Party.  Designed especially for a special little girl, this venue had a fun array of bold, pink, purple and white for theme tones.

The venue was light and airy, in a lovely room with large windows to allow for lots of natural light to filter in. The entryway to the room was beautifully arranged with french doors open wide and fantastic decor on each side.  A lovely fountain was set on a table with a deep purple cover, strung with beads to add a cute touch. The other door had a table set in front with a matching purple cover with large white lettering saying “SPA” at the front enhanced by a sweet mannequin in a tutu and a quaint birdcage at the back of the table.

The attention to detail when it came to the guest seating and spa arrangements was impeccable. The spa tables were set up in a long family style row with a gorgeous textured purple table cover. Tall bouquets of fantastic pink and red flowers stood as perfect centerpieces down the row.  Each place setting was set with everything needed for little girls to get a relaxing spa treatment. There were even little spa outfits with headbands for each of the girls to wear, adding a fun bit of style to the event. A row of chairs was placed against the wall for the girls to sit in for a pedicure too!

A dessert table held some tasty goodies for the kids to enjoy with a sheer white backdrop accented with a white oval frame.  The table held a delicious looking two layer cake along with two other smaller tasty looking cakes on each side of it.  With other treats like cake pops and sugar cookies, this spa gathering was prepared to keep the kids’ sweet tooth satisfied.

Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Cake Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Candied-Apples Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Candlelight Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Dressup Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Flower-Centerpieces Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Lettering Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Spa-Chairs Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Spa-Section Quaint-Spa-And-Tea-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies

Credits –

My Little Angel Decorations


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