Frozen 7th Birthday Party

This adorable party was for a 7 year old who just loves Elsa.  So of course a Frozen theme was a perfect option for celebrating with her friends. The mom, Aimee, had her work cut out as the venue used for the party was small and the guest list was pretty big.  Utilizing the space effectively helped to create a cozy and comfortable place for everyone to mingle together, ensuring a successful party.

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The party was for kids so of course treats were a big part of the celebration, and there were plenty to choose from.  Homemade cupcakes were frosted in a variety of colors, pink, white and blue, letting the children choose their own favorite tone.  Massive marshmallows were dipped in sugar crystals for an icy and delicious snack.  Sugar cookies, m&m cookies, and chocolate chip cookies were provided to give lots of options for the little ones.

A delicious homemade funfetti bundt cake was displayed on an island covered in Frozen themed look, and frosted in white giving a snowy effect.

The table for the party was decked out in elegant blue lace that gave an icy look and all the trays used were crystal, blending with the Frozen theme smoothly.  For a backdrop, Elsa and Ana both took up lots of wall space, standing out with bright colors and detail. A stuffed Olaf stood on the corner of the table too, adding to the decor adorably.

A section was set-up for the gifts that was gorgeously decorated with tulle and large snowflakes, filling the room with a Frozen vibe.  

No kids party is complete without fun party activities and this one had plenty to keep them busy.  A craft table was set out so they could decorate their own Olaf in a contest to see who could make him look just like the movie.  Along with pin the nose on Olaf with a DIY Olaf poster, some exciting limbo, and of course an Elsa pinata, this party had a variety of activities that kids were sure to remember.

Credits –

Planning/Food – Aimee Wahl

Decor/Photography – Melanie O’Shea

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