Barbie Fashionista Birthday Bash


Living up to their name brilliantly, Impressions used their elegant creative skills to put together this Barbie Fashionista Birthday Bash for a very special little one. The attention to detail put this party over the top, lavish decor was perfectly arranged to bring the world of trendy Barbie to life.

A long buffet table made a lovely focal point for the part with a massive curtained backdrop in a sweet pastel tone. Adorable clear bulbs hung down in front of the fabric, adding a neat touch to the whole look.

On each side of the buffet table small stands were covered in a cream fabric and had tall vases filled with gorgeous flowers and strands of jewels hanging from them.

The buffet itself was exquisite, a layering of fabrics in pink and purple were beautifully hung over, making a wonderful stage for all of the snacks. Some fantastic elements that made this party unique included jewelry boxes that were set on each side that held snacks along with cute make up decor. Cute purses in blue and pink added an elegant touch being wrapped in jewels. At the center of the table one massive, two-layer cake introduced the theme spectacularly with Barbie and her friend right on the front. The topper for this cake was very sweet, with a large white feather and flower art. To made this stunning dessert even better, two mini cakes were placed right in front of it, one in pink and one in purple.

The guest seating was adorably arranged to match the theme too.  The chairs were adorned with cute strands of beads, feathers and flowers too.  Since this was a celebration for little ones this table had easy to use and clean paper plates for the kids to eat from along with a cutely wrapped set of silverware.

Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Chair-Beads Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cookie-Clutch Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cream-Tart-Label Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Frame-Art Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Guest-Seating Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Jewelry-Box-Snacks Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Mini-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Pink-Purse Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Place-Settings Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Purple-Mini-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Treats


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