Golden White And Pink Princess Birthday Party


This Golden White And Pink Princess Birthday Party had everything needed to make a special girl’s day.  With all sorts of royal touches from crowns to lavish candelabras and jewelry, this party was pure elegance created by My Little Angel Decorations.

A dessert table was set in front of a large window that had a white curtain pulled closed, offering a soft lighting to the room. A fantastic backdrop was made to look like a canopy with sheer cloth over a textured pink fabric.  Topped with a massive crown, the theme to this event was very clear.

The table was full of fun details like large wire mannequins that were accented with adorable crowns on top. They were even wearing cute little tutus with flowers. A vintage style tea set made a charming addition to the theme set on a lovely stand at the back of the table.  It blended in with gold and white tones too. Large candelabras stood on each side of the cake with massive blooms on top and golden strands of beads.

The cake was decadent with two layers of perfection.  The bottom was textured in pink and the top had golden polka dots. With a crown for a topper, this cake was a fantastic addition to the party.

There were a variety of tasty treats offered including pink and gold cake pops and yummy looking sugar cookies. There were chocolate cupcakes frosted in pink with tiny crowns on them too. A range of trays and stands in gold were used to add to the royal vibe of the party.

A favorite addition to the decorations on the table included a wire carriage in gold. It was stuffing full of pretty flower petals. The table was scattered with flower petals too as well as blooms that filled in the gaps throughout the decor.

Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Candelabra Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Canopy-Backdrop Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Carriage Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Dessert Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Floral-Cake Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Golden-Tray Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Treats Golden-White-And-Pink-Princess-Birthday-Party-Wire-Mannequin


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