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Under the Sea Mermaid Party

Under the Sea Mermaid Party

This Under Sea Party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The party was filled with beautiful sea themed decor and treats.

The dessert table was beautiful! Cookies were intricately decorated to look like clams. Cake pops were frosted with shiny, pink mermaid tails. In front of the main dessert table was a smaller table displaying the gorgeous four-tier cake. The cake was covered in edible fondant seashells and even had a wave-like appearance at the bottom.

The background of the dessert table appeared to come straight out the sea. A sea themed landscape including coral, sea weed, and fish covered the entire wall and the front of the dessert table. The table holding the cake was elegantly decorated in blue tulle. A garland of flowers and starfish surrounded the cake. Bunches of shiny blue and purple balloons decorated the back of the table. Elegant flower arrangements stood out amongst the desserts. Some of the arrangements were even filled with real looking white coral.

Guests were able to take lovely wrapped party favors. Each favor was placed in a teal package and decorated with large purple bows. Mermaids were placed on the front of the packages to fit with the “under the sea” theme.

The guest tables were also decorated to fit the theme. Each table was covered with a blue table-cloth that a wave-like pattern. Flower arrangements and pieces of coral stood out at the center of the table. There were even candles at every table spot!

CREDIT: My Little Angel Decorations

aqua and purple mermaid party

mermaid birthday candy bar tablescape

mermaid party background and desserts

mermaid party cake

mermaid party favors

mermaid party treats

mermaid party

mermaid tail party cake

mermaid tail party dessert table

under the sea and mermaid party table setting


Twins Under the Sea Mermaid Party

Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday

Meow! Meow! Cat Themed Party

Meow! Meow! Cat Themed Party

This adorable Meow! Meow! Cat themed party was planned by Ms. Laine Events. The party was the purrrfect theme for a cat lover.

The dessert table was a cat lover’s delight. The center of the table featured an intricately frosted cake with two small kittens and ball of yarn on top. On either side of the cake were two adorable plants on top of  canisters made to look like cats. Even the macaroons and cake pops were decorated to look like kittens. Cupcakes were topped with miniature black fish bones.

The background of the dessert was stunning! Silver tinsel like material was strung the background. On top of the shimmering tinsel were large silver balloons spelling the word “meow.” The underside of the table was hollow and filled with yellow and silver balloons. In front of the balloons were yellow flowers made from tissue paper in varying sizes. A garland of adorable mittens was strong across the front of the dessert table.

Guests even had adorable props for to take photos. Cat face cutouts made the perfect opportunity for a special photo to remember.

Words from the planner: Meow! Meow! Thanks to Deniece for having us decorate Duncan’s party for the 3rd time! We’re so happy to be a part of his growing years! Once again Happy birthday to Duncan & wishing him lots of happiness always.

Credits | Vendors:
Ms. Laine Events
Photographer: Daphnie Loong
Balloons & Topper: Pop Party 

adorable cake cakepops cat and knitting cake cat fit topper cupcakes cat party cake cat party photobooth props cat party cat themed party candy bar grey and yellow cat party decor ideas Meow Meow Cat Party background decorations Meow Meow Cat Party Meow Meow Cat themed party tablescape rolling cat cake yellow cat themed macaroons


Springtime Bunny Party

Elegant & Glam 21st birthday

Great Gatsby 40th Birthday

Great Gatsby Birthday

This beautiful Great Gatsby party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. The party accurately reflected the beautiful party decor of the 1920s.

The dessert table was classy and beautiful. A three-tier cake was decorated to fit the theme. The top and bottom of the cake were decorated with 1920’s headbands. The middle of the cake was frosted darker and featured a beautiful design. Guests could also choose from intricately decorated cupcakes and cookies. The cookies were even decorated with edible pearls.

The background of the table was exquisite. Gold lines were painted onto a canvas. A black print was covered in gold writing with a fancy message for the birthday celebration. Tall sconces held beautiful flower arrangements. The sconces were also covered in jewels. Candles were added throughout the tables and created the perfect atmosphere for a Great Gastby party.

CREDIT: My Little Angel Decorations

Black and Gold Gatsby Party Sweets Great Gatsby Birthday tablescape dessert bar Great Gatsby Birthday Great Gatsby Party Decorations Pearl Necklace - Roaring Twenties Cake Roaring Twenties Gatsby Chair Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby Birthay Party Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby Cookies Decoration Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby sweets Decoration

Hippie Carnival Party

Hippie Carnival Party

This Hippie Carnival Party was planned by My Little Angel Decorations. This theme was bursting with amazing decor and was something unique that guests had likely never seen before.

The dessert table was simplistic, but beautiful. A large, four-tier cake stood at the center of the table. The cake featured elegant frosted decor as well as a cascade of pretty flowers. Guests could also choose from intricately decorated cake pops and cookies. To match the theme, cupcakes were creatively displayed on a miniature gold ferris wheels.

The background of the dessert table fit right in with the theme. The table was placed in front of a large, white wooden wall. A simple gold circle was placed on the center of the wall and was topped with elegant flowers and greenery. The wall was surrounded by shrubbery to add to the natural feel of the party.

A gorgeous teepee village was placed in front of the dessert table. Each life-size teepee was filled with soft, comfortable items such as pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets. The tops of the teepees were decorated with flowers in varying shades of pink. In the center of the teepee village was a beautiful table on the floor that was decorated with mandala printed fabric. This was the perfect spot for children to sit and eat.

The ceiling was decorated with many sheer white curtains and large, colorful balloons. Beyond the children’s area, the adult tables were decorated with classic white table coverings and featured a few pops of pink and blue.

CREDIT: My Little Angel Decorations

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