Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday

Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday



This party was a wonder, filled with colors that stole the show. With a Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday theme, a special little one year old got to celebrate in aqua style! Believents brought this underwater adventure to life with a stunning arrangement of decor that was sure to be appreciated by all. An adorable backdrop in deep blue introduced the dessert table with a sea like vibe. It had all sorts of fun sea life on it from fishes to turtles and even coral.  The birthday girl’s’ name was centered in large pink letters, so everyone was sure to know who this party was all about.

The table was covered in a glamourous sea green cover that shimmered beautifully. At the back of the table an adorable white shelf displayed little blue boxes of goodies for each of the guests to take home after the party. Two large pink pots stood on the top of the shelves with stunning floral arrangements.

At the center of this dessert buffet ONE was spelled out in large letters, each one with a different, cute pattern that blended with the theme and had a unique style. Other sweet decorations added to this table included a seahorse hanging out by a treasure chest, and sea life art like coral and shells.

The treats were fabulous, each detailed with precision, matching this sea adventure theme gorgeously. Cupcakes were frosted in all sorts of different ways, making each a fresh and fun addition. They were set on ornate trays that blended with the theme smoothly.

A cake in two layers was decorated with scales in white, green and purple.  The top was detailed with lovely shells and starfish.  Around the bottom of the cake the birthday girl’s name was surrounded with coral and other cute shells too.

Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Backdrop Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Cake Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Colored-Kisses Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Cupcakes Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Gift-Boxes Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Macaroons Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-One-Letters Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Seahorses


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