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Hakuna Matata Lion King Theme Party

Hakuna Matata Lion King Theme Party tablescape

Hakuna Matata Lion King Theme Party by Ms. Laine Events

This Hakuna Matata party was thoughtfully planned by Ms. Laine Events. The party was filled with all of the classic Lion King characters and colors. This party theme was the perfect theme for a young boy or girl.

The dessert table was stunning! Each dessert was  placed on an individual white cylinder. The cake was frosted in white and included a gorgeous vine of fondant leaves. The top of the cake included a Simba topper and the number six. Gold icing dripped down from the top of the cake. Cake pops were intricately decorated to look just like Lion King characters. Delicious looking sugar cookies were also made to look Like Lion King characters. Each cookie was placed on a clear pedestal so that guests could view the gorgeous and intricate designs.  The characters included Rafiki, Pumba, and Simba. Cupcakes were also decorated to fit with the theme and included more Lion King characters.

The background of the dessert table was gorgeous! A large Lion King poster had the name of the child being celebrated. An arch of ombre balloons in orange, yellow, and white framed the poster perfectly. The wall was bright white and painted with an assortment of desert style leaves. Large planters near the ceiling were filled with ferns, vines, and other greenery. Two tall white vases held an assortment of greenery. Succulents were placed throughout the dessert table area. An extra large stuffed lion served as the perfect piece of decor for the front of the dessert area. A smaller stuffed lion resembled Simba and was also placed in front of the dessert table. Large shiny gold leaves were also used to decorate the table.

Words from the planner: Hakuna Matata !! Throwback – Thanks to Deniece for giving us the freedom to design and decorate this Lion King theme! Happy 6th birthday to Dayton once again!

Lion king cake Lion king party cakepops Lion king party lion soft toy decor

safari themed lion king birthday setup

simba and pumbaa cookies

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Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday

Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday

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Lion King birthday party with Lion Guard

 Hakuna Matata Party


Hakuna Matata Party

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Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday

Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday

Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday by KR Party Dreams:

This adorable Hakuna Matata Lion King themed birthday party was planned by KR Party Dreams. The party was filled with colorful decorations that perfectly fit with the iconic Lion King movie. This party was the perfect celebration for a young boy!.

The dessert table was beautiful! A large three-tier cake was meticulously decorated to represent the Lion King Movie. The bottom later of the cake featured a gradient orange sunset with silhouettes of lions in the dessert. The middle layer was decorated to look as if it were covered in leaves. On the top layer, the name of the birthday boy was displayed on what looked like a miniature wooden board. Leaves and an adorable lion made the perfect cake toppers. The plate holding the cake featured “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate. Yellow, green, and black platters were filled with delicious looking cookies and treats. On a small side table was another cake that was similar in appearance to the larger cake. This cake featured an array of white flowers and vines with a special number one topper. Popcorn was also available for guests who preferred a salty treat. The popcorn was displayed in yellow bags with images of a young Simba wearing a gold crown.

The background of the dessert table was equally beautiful. A large image of Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba covered most of the background. The image was customized to include the name and age of the birthday boy. Beautiful purple curtains worked to frame the image. Wooden crates made the perfect stands for bright yellow flower arrangements. The entire dessert table was set on top of carpet that looked just like real grass. The table itself fit perfectly and appeared to be made from bamboo. Green plants were scattered throughout the dessert area.  In front of the table were cutouts of Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba. Also in front of the table were large white blocks that spelled out the name of the birthday boy.

Each guest received a bag that matched the color scheme with a decorative tag that was filled with goodies. Guests also got to take home adorably wrapped chocolate bars. The chocolate bars were decorated with leaves, lions, perfect for this Lion King Birthday! Each bar was unique in its own way.

The party tables featured red placements with white plates. The cups also featured a fun splash of red. Each table also included balloons that matched with the overall color scheme.

Event Planning – KR party Dreams Sulochani Nanayakkara Event
Photography – Eternal Moments Studio
Cake – Cinnamon Grand colombo
Sweets – Decorating Memories by Karen The Party Vibes

cake in detail

handmade lion king wrappers

Hakuna Matata party table setup

Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday

Hakuna Matata Lion King Birthday tablescape

first lion king birthday

incredible detailed setup

meringue tower with simba toppers

lion king treats

lion king snacks

lion king simba popcorn

lion king kids tables

lion king birthday cake

simba and nala backdrop

simba with crown wrappers

treats and toppers and decors

Green And Gold Lion 1st Birthday


Maryam’s Cakery was the mastermind behind this lovely Green And Gold Lion 1st Birthday party theme.  Using a sea green tone with gold and white, the venue had a sweet and soft look that stood out beautifully.

The buffet table was perfection with a printed sea green backdrop featuring an ornate golden framed art piece that spelled the special birthday boy’s name out.

With a fantastic white, textured cloth as a base, the cute theme tones stood out on the treats and decor marvelously.  A banner of tassels in gold, green and white were hung at the front of the table adding a fun look.  White trays were used to hold all of the sweets, two cake trays were even lined with sea green ribbon to blend beautifully with the decor.

The desserts were fantastic, each detailed to go with the theme while looking absolutely scrumptious. At the front of the table mini cupcakes, the perfect size for little hands, were frosted in green and had little banners sticking out for a cute effect.  Jars on each side of the table at the back held candies for everyone to enjoy.  A favorite dessert at this event however were the adorable little lion cake pops.  Each one was perfectly detailed in fun fashion.  There were even chocolate bars with personalized packaging at the front of the table in the theme tones.  

The cake presented a lovely way to celebrate this special one year old’s day with two layers of decadence decorated stunningly.  Little lions stood at each layer in adorable little poses and a golden, “One” topped the cake beautifully.  To finish the party off right, each guest got to take home their own special gift, prettily packaged in white boxes.

Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Buffet-Table Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cake Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cakepops Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Chocolates Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cupcakes Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Gifts Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Tassels Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Treats


Credits –

Maryam’s Cakery



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