Green And Gold Lion 1st Birthday


Maryam’s Cakery was the mastermind behind this lovely Green And Gold Lion 1st Birthday party theme.  Using a sea green tone with gold and white, the venue had a sweet and soft look that stood out beautifully.

The buffet table was perfection with a printed sea green backdrop featuring an ornate golden framed art piece that spelled the special birthday boy’s name out.

With a fantastic white, textured cloth as a base, the cute theme tones stood out on the treats and decor marvelously.  A banner of tassels in gold, green and white were hung at the front of the table adding a fun look.  White trays were used to hold all of the sweets, two cake trays were even lined with sea green ribbon to blend beautifully with the decor.

The desserts were fantastic, each detailed to go with the theme while looking absolutely scrumptious. At the front of the table mini cupcakes, the perfect size for little hands, were frosted in green and had little banners sticking out for a cute effect.  Jars on each side of the table at the back held candies for everyone to enjoy.  A favorite dessert at this event however were the adorable little lion cake pops.  Each one was perfectly detailed in fun fashion.  There were even chocolate bars with personalized packaging at the front of the table in the theme tones.  

The cake presented a lovely way to celebrate this special one year old’s day with two layers of decadence decorated stunningly.  Little lions stood at each layer in adorable little poses and a golden, “One” topped the cake beautifully.  To finish the party off right, each guest got to take home their own special gift, prettily packaged in white boxes.

Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Buffet-Table Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cake Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cakepops Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Chocolates Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Cupcakes Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Gifts Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Tassels Green-And-Gold-Lion-1st-Birthday-Treats


Credits –

Maryam’s Cakery



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