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Party Decorations – Food – Favors

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have long been a party favorite, and for a good reason. With these fun characters any kid can have an exciting event that will give them lasting memories. You can add a touch of glam by adding silver to the classic red and black/pink and black color palette, giving your venue an elegant twist.

A Mickey and Minnie theme offers a lot of DIY options, creating your own decorations with black construction paper.  You could make your own banner, hang some clothesline and pin a Mickey and Minnie silhouettes across the room. Using polka-dot tablecloths adds a fun touch that stands out easily. Sprinkling the tables with confetti or glitter will also give an effect of glam that kids will love. You can hang lanterns in the Mickey/Minnie shapes from the ceiling, allowing the theme to blend smoothly throughout the venue area. There are also a variety of flag banners you could choose from to hang on the tables and walls, letting you personalize it for your child. Adding bows to the chairs will give a neat and stylish addition. This is also a brilliant party theme to have party hats at, you can even add the Mickey/Minnie ears to them, letting the kids really get into it.

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Break out the sweet tooth for the foods at a Mickey/Minnie party, there should be an abundance of treats for the kids to munch on. Oreo cookies and cake pops make wonderful silhouettes, letting you get creative with a fan favorite. You can make sugar cookies into Mickey/Minnie shapes and frost to match your theme very easily. Cheese and cracker trays are a brilliant idea as well, you could even label it “Mouse Food” for a fun touch. For a cake you can decorate with the classic Mickey colors and have the characters on top in fun poses, or your can have a cupcake cake shaped into mice for an easy to make option.

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How to make Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Cake Pops with Oreo by MyCupcakeAddiction

A fun activity at a Mickey/Minnie party would be to have a race where everyone has to dress-up in costumes and run for the finish line! Making a bean bag toss makes a lovely outdoor activity for all the kids to join in on.  You could even have some bowling fun, adding Mickey/Minnie labels to a bowling pin set, it would give the kids a fantastic game that matches the theme perfectly.


Party favors for a Mickey and Minnie birthday party are sure to be a blast putting together. You can give costume jewelry in party bags or sweet treats like cake pops shaped into the characters shapes.  With bright colors for your theme you could also give out mini-jars with gumballs, or M&M’s. A Mickey and Minnie party leaves you with an abundance of choices for everything you can imagine, allowing you to create a party that fits your child perfectly.

FREE DIY Mickey Mouse Banner

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free mickey mouse banner

DIY Mickey & Minnie Mouse Iron on Images

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