Pink Swan Themed Birthday Party

Pink Swan Themed Birthday Party

Bee Unike Events always puts 100 percent into their delightful parties and this Pink Swan Themed Birthday Party was an absolute beauty! With a cozy, inviting venue and an abundance of elegant details, this event was certain to impress a very special birthday girl.

The guest table was a vision with a gorgeous pink feathered centerpiece that stood almost as tall as the lovely flower bouquet standing beside it.  The plates had a unique curved style and each place setting featured a pretty pink swan box of goodies for the guests to take home. This table was wrapped in ribbons of pink fabric to add a touch of elegance to the design.

For the dessert section, an entire area was intricately prepared, showcasing an array of elegant swan-like decor that really shone beautifully. A stunning backdrop of pink blooms accented this table perfectly.  At the back of the table two large bouquets of flowers set in tall, clear vases featured a pretty blend of various blooms. To each side, massive pink swans stood with their wings up and had golden crowns set upon their heads in magnificent style. They were arranged to face each other one on each side of a superbly decorated tiered cake. Three layers of lovely pink and gold detailing made this cake a sweet centerpiece for the table.  It had a beautiful swan at the front of the top layer and a row of flower blooms going down the side.

To fill the rest of this sweet section up, a delightful arrangement of treats and decor made the whole area attractive while making it easy to grab and go.  Cakepops had sweet swans and were finished with adorable pink ribbons wrapped around the sticks.  Sugar cookies were decorated to look like miniature pink swans.  There were also decadent cupcakes set on a tiered tray with yummy pink frosting for the guests to enjoy.

Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Bird-Cakepops Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Cake Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Cake-Pop
Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Candies Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Cookie Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Cupcake Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Elegant-Mask Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Flower-Bouquet Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Flowers Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Guest-Gifts Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Mask Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Sweet-Treat Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Treats Pink-Swan-Themed-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table


Planning/design – Bee Unike Events


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