Whimsical You Are My Sunshine Birthday


Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions teamed up with Khadhija Inshirah R to plan out this sweet Whimsical You Are My Sunshine Birthday for an adorable first year celebration. It was easy to fall in love with this venue with all of the vibrant natural lighting coming in the windows. Using bright yellow, pink and blue colors for the theme, the entire room was a lighthearted and welcoming environment for the guests and vip.  

The dessert table was a fabulous, yellow colored, vintage style that didn’t even need a cover to go with the theme beautifully. Using yellow lettering, the theme was introduced at the center of this table saying, “You are my sunshine.” The stands used to hold the treats were also vintage style with elegant detailing.  The desserts were impeccably detailed in colors that matched the theme. There were chocolate bars with personalized wrappers, sugar cookies frosted into a adorable spring objects like flowers and even miniature, layered cakes. At the back of the table a fantastic three layered cake created by Cakes and Things stood tall with a fun sun at the top.

To give this table a complete look, strands of beads added a fun touch of color along with other Spring details including large sunglasses frames and lovely bouquets of flowers.

Guest tables were set up in long rows and each chair was adorned with a cute flower or graphic to go with the theme. The center of the tables were lined with garland too. Pink and yellow place settings added color in a fun form too. Even the beverages had personalized labels to go with this adorable party theme perfectly.

Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Beverages Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Birdcage Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Cake Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Cakes Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Chocolates Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Cookies Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Easel-Art Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Fencing Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Flowers Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Guest-Seating Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Guest-Tables Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Lettering Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Menu Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Printables Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Sun-Art Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Sun-Graphics Whimsical-You-Are-My-Sunshine-Birthday-Treats


Concept, planning, execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions with Khadhija Inshirah R

Cakes – Cakes and Things

Cream tarts – The Macaron Magazine Party

Stationary/crafts – Iheart craft

Photography – Picture Poets



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