Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

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fairy birthday party ideas and supplies

Bring a special touch of nature to your child’s event by throwing them a Fairy Birthday Party.  With a blend of soft, pastel colors, you can create an ethereal venue area that is sure to be remembered forever. If your child loves Tinkerbell, then you can base the fairy theme on Tinkerbell theme incorporating lots of gold yellow and yellow green and hint of purple here and there.

Fairy Decorations – Food – Favors

For a Fairy Party, you can send out invitations that are elegant and sweet, you could even have artwork with sparkles and glitter to make them shimmer with “magic.” A flowing font is ideal, cursive even, giving a gentle way to invite your guests to come to your special event. You can add lovely soft fairy silhouette stickers or stamps on the DIY invite.

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A Fairy Birthday Party is a wonderful one for throwing in an outside venue area, but you can definitely make it work indoors nicely as well.  This theme allows for you to bring together all kinds of beautiful natural elements to decorate your whole area beautifully.  An abundance of wreaths wrapped with ribbons and flowers makes a lovely addition to the look, hung in trees or on your walls.  You can hang bunches of ribbons and tulle down for the children to dance through, letting your decoration double as an interactive tool.  Put jars with toy fairies and moss at the tables as centerpieces. You could even decorate the jars with butterflies and glitter to enhance the fairy-like effect.

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Have delicious fairy foods like Fairy-Tale Mushrooms – Fairy toadstools.  Use Mozzarella cheese sticks, cherry tomatoes and some cream cheese. Cut the Cheese sticks about 3cm in height as they’ll be used as toadstool stems. Cut the delicious red cherry tomatoes in half and place it on top of the cheese ticks with small amount of cream cheese so they stick. Pipe cream cheese onto tomatoes to create little dots for a finish touch! You can create a garden bed with spinach leaves or alfalfa sprouts for an adorable snack.

Fairy cake pops covered in sprinkles offer a fun sweet with a magical look.  Fruit tarts bring in some vibrant colors and are a tasty option for kids to enjoy. A tiered tray of cupcakes with sprinkles make a wonderful treat as well.  Create a two-layer cake and cover it in sweet elements like mushrooms, flowers, butterflies and then top with your favorite fairy character for a memorable dessert option.

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To entertain your little fairy guests you can play a fun game of Catch the Gnome. Have an adult with a bag of candies ready to run and all of the fairies (guests) have to chase the gnome (adult) with their wands.  Each time they catch the gnome, he/she has to freeze and toss out a handful of candy to unfreeze.  The game is finished when the candies run out!  Let your guests take some time to make a beautiful fairy of their own in a crafting section, giving them a chance to be an artist.  You could even give them a project like making pixie dust, placing different colors of glitter  in a little jar with a secure lid that they decorate to take home.

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Send your visitors home with a fun way to remember the special day by making tutus from tulle for each one to wear.  Or you can give them wands, little boxes with frosted sugar cookies, or their own little wreath crown to wear home! A fantastic DIY favor idea would be a little fairy dust in a bottle. Add some glitters in a mini jar with a cork! You can also purchase them on etsy below.

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