Sweet Fairy Birthday Party

Sweet Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Imagination sprang to life with this Sweet Fairy Birthday Party. Taking advantage of lovely outdoor weather, Erin from Erin Volante Floral created a venue that any little girl could see the impossible in.  Her attention to detail was spectacular, using a blend of beautiful pinks and purples, the decor was fantastic.

Fairy Sweet Magic Birthday Party ideas

Sweet magical fairy doors were created and hung to trees, making it seem like entrances into a world of fairy fun. With an adorable little tea table set outside with chairs of different pastel tones, the yard was definitely ready for little girls to have a blast in. A gorgeous white sheer cloth was even draped in a nearby tree to add to the enchanted effect.

A sweet banner was hung as a backdrop, in pink and purple with a variety of fun patterns to draw the eye. The table was filled up with all sorts of yummy treats from pink marshmallows to cupcakes on a sweet tiered tray. Each snack blended with the theme in its magical quality, like pixie sticks and cute little purple m&ms. A cute little purple butterfly even sat on the m&m dish, adding a touch of decor that stood out.

The cake was one-of-a-kind, a toadstool that any little fairy princess could enjoy.  Decorated in pink and purple, this cake enveloped the theme perfectly. It was topped with an adorable little fairy and set on a tall cake tray, making it easy for the birthday girl to access.

Some other little decorations that added to the Fairy Sweet theme included arrangements of gorgeous pink flowers in little holders and an awesome book that was set on the food table for everyone to check out.


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