Magical Tinkerbell Party

magical fairy tinkerbell birthday party


With a sprinkling of pixie dust and a bundle of flowers, this Magical Tinkerbell Party came to life for one very special child. The vibrant colors and bold natural details were just a small part of what Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions brought to this venue. With her expertise and styling skills, this event was sure to leave a lasting mark on the whole crowd.

Front and center, a gorgeous pink backdrop was scattered with graphics included stars, flowers and hearts, giving it an exciting look. A fantastic buffet table was then decorated to mimic a tree stump, bringing the fun of the outdoors in. The table was smoothly filled with goodies and decorations all blended for a stunning effect. Each treat was easily accessible too so kids could grab their own. Adorable vintage style cake trays added a cute touch to the table too.

At the back of the table two tall vases displayed some very pretty flowers which stood on each side of an elegant, Tinkerbell cake. It was decorated beautifully in soft colors that blended smoothly with the other decor.

One favorite aspect of this party were the use of bottle that had strands of lights in them and little flowers. They illuminated the bottles adorably, emitting the appearance of float bits of pixie dust.

The very front of the table showcased the theme perfectly with a gigantic graphic of Tinkerbell herself surrounded by a fantastic arrangement of paper flowers.

To wrap the theme into the guest seating, each chair was laced with a lovely little floral garland and the place settings featured cute purple plates. Eve the beverages were part of the fun with a light green color that kids were certain to enjoy.

Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Beverages Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Birthday-Cake Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Bottle-Lanterns Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Candles Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Canopy Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Chair-Garland Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Cookies Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Decorative-Glasses Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Desserts Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Garland-Canopy Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Hanging-Bottles Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Labels Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Tasty-Treats Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Tinker-Treats Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Toadstools Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Treats


Concept, planning, execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Photography –  The Picture Poets



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