Magical Pink and Violet Twin Celebration

Magical Pink And Purple Twin Celebration (1)

Created by Cristina of Artisticando Creazioni E Allestimenti, this Magical Pink And Purple Twin Celebration theme was a beautifully thought out extravaganza for two very special little people.  With a classic, “Once Upon a Time,” fairytale vibe, the venue for this party was a magical oasis that any Princess could enjoy.  

A fantastic outdoor space was used for the party with the dessert table set against a charming wall space.  The backdrop was a gorgeous velvet pink fabric with sheer vintage style curtains draped on each side. A neat bit of framed art introduced the theme in the center too. The front of the table displayed a bold, purple and pink flag banner with letters spelling, “Princess.”

The table was covered in white, creating a stark base for the vibrant pink and purple treats and decor. Adorable carriages in pink sat at the back of the table and a fun arrangement of dishes was used to hold all sorts of tasty candies for the guests to enjoy.  For favors, bags were set on each side of the table so everyone could take some goodies to go too.

To create lasting memories at this special gathering a photo booth was arranged with a massive polka dot frame and the date, so each guest could have their own special memento.  Props were set up nearby allowing each person to have a personalized look that went with the theme too.

Guest seating was pure elegance with each table being covered in white, with lovely bouquets of flowers for the centerpieces. Each bouquet was adorned with a fun arrangement of pink and purple balloons too, creating a dimensional look at each table while allowing everyone to visit without an impeded view.

Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Balloons Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Castle-Decoration Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Cheese Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Dessert-Table Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Gift-Bags Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Guest-Seating Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Outdoor-Venue Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Photo-Frame Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Photo-Props Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Salami Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Table-Plan Magical-Pink-And-Purple-Twin-Celebration-Tiered-Lunchmeat-Platterdisney princess party bannerjasmin partyprincess celebrationprincess cinderallaprincess decorations violet and pinkprincess party decorationssnow white party decorations



Planning/design: Cristina of Artisticando Creazioni E Allestimenti




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