Cinderella Princess Birthday Party

One way to make any little one feel like a Princess for her birthday is to create a world of imagination that they can be spoiled to perfection in.  Linda from My Princess Party to Go did not let anyone down with this fantastic Cinderella Themed Party to Go Box, encompassing all of the wonder and fun that a little Princess could want.

Cinderella Princess Birthday Party, clock and tutu, glass slipper

In this lovely example of a Princess party, a large carousel frame was used as a backdrop, with an open center allowing for more decorations to fill in nicely.  A sheer curtain made a lovely stage for the giant poms and fantastic clock hung in front of it.  An additional neat touch was using lights to add to the elegance of the lighting.

The treat table was covered in a fantastic golden, sparkly tulle and drawn up in the center for a curved detailing that really looked quite wonderful. Little stools were placed in front of the table holding sweet little blue and white tutus that sparkled as well.

Some neat little details included to make the birthday girl really feel treasured included a blue sparkly tutu, wand, and tiara of her very own to enjoy the celebration that much more.  Each of these little costume bits had touches that made them work together as a set beautifully, like a little satin flower on the wand and tutu.  She also got an official certificate ensuring that she would be a member of the League of Princesses.  

The table also had a wonderful tray of cupcakes all topped with mini-tiaras on a tray patterned with glass slippers that were filled with blue m&ms of different shades, adding to the magical effect.  A sweet little Cinderella doll made a perfect little centerpiece for the look with her gorgeous blue gown.  

Credits – My Princess Party to Go

Party Pack – My Princess Party to Go

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