Kid’s Birthday Party Games & Activities

Kid’s birthday party game & activity ideas  :

A kid’s birthday party can be nothing short of an amazing fun-filled event! There are so many options when it comes to themes, activities, and games, that it can seem a bit overwhelming when planning a child’s birthday party. However, with the right frame of mind and an embrace on creativity, this can be a party planning experience that you’ll fall in love with.

The biggest hurdle that tends to come along with planning a child’s birthday is the activities! No matter what age, kids need to be involved, interacting, and as far away from the possibility of boredom. First, we’ll start with the basic games that can work indoors or outdoors and in any setting or theme for a party. No matter what activities you decide on doing, remember this rule of thumb: for children of all ages, you should keep the party under three hours. With this in mind, you will have about an hour or so of time for activities and games. To keep boredom at bay, plan for two to three activities for the kids that last around fifteen minutes each.

A great activity that works both inside or out and is a great way to start off the party is an icebreaker type game. One of the most popular forms of this activity that can be played by all ages is the “Find Your Match” game. All you need is paper and safety pins! (Alternatively you can use Sticky Tape). On the slips of paper, write down famous pairings that kids will instantly know (i.e. Charlie Brown and Snoopy or Mickey Mouse and Pluto). Pin these pieces of paper to the back of each child’s shirt and have them walk around to the other children asking questions to help them figure out whose name they have. Not only does this have the kids interacting immediately with everyone, but also serves as a fun competition to find a new friend that is a match! Other games that work for all ages and indoor or outdoor spaces are charades, finger painting, treasure hunts, and balloon decorating with scented, toxic-free markers.

Free Printable “Find Your Match” Game

FREE Printable Matching Game

Free Printable “Find Your Match” Game

If the weather is nice and you have a great outdoor space, then there are tons of options for birthday party activities here (and less stress of a mess!). A piñata game full of candy and laughs is a popular event and gets every child involved. You can find all sorts of Pinata at Field games such as sack races, horseshoe toss, and the timeless egg toss are also great ideas for activities that are interactive and time-friendly. For warmer days outside, water-themed games are a great way to not only keep the kids entertained, but also to keep them cool. Water balloons, a dunking station, or water guns are perfect for these kind of activities. Tug of war or even a DIY obstacle course are high energy ways to keep the kids occupied and having a blast.

How to play timeless egg toss

This can be a bit messy so it would be ideal to have this game played outside. Kid’s divide into pairs and stand a few feet apart. An egg is given to each pair which they toss back and forth to their partner.
After everyone is done, players move a step back and repeat the tossing. If an egg falls or breaks, the pair is out of the game. The tossing and moving a step back is repeated until there is only one pair  standing with an egg intact. You could reward them with a little trophy.

Water balloon game ideas

Some of my favorite water balloon games are throwing Contest, where kids are given water balloons to see how far they can throw. You can mark the spot with a little flag or a cone. Another one is  the water balloon toss game. Instead of the classic Egg toss game, kid’s could use the water balloons. It is certainly a less messier way to play this entertaining game.

Disney Frozen Drum Pull-String Pinata Mario Kart Wii Mario and Luigi 18 Pull-String Pinatasack races Tug Of War Rope

If your party is indoors, there is still plenty of room for awesome activities. Create a coloring wall with just a big sheet of paper and painters tape! This activity is unique in itself as coloring on the walls is definitely not something the kids get to do every day! Pin the tail on the donkey or any similar type game is also an easy up-on-the-wall activity that makes for a lot of giggles. DIY kits for the kids are perhaps the best birthday activity you can do inside the home. These kits include DIY creations such as jewelry, pottery, origami, moldings, or paint-by-numbers. The really wonderful thing about DIY kit activities is that they keep the kids constantly using their imaginations, so not only do you avoid boredom, but you keep the brain working!

What’s amazing about all these activities and game ideas mentioned is that they work for kids of all ages and both genders. If you’re throwing an all-girl or all-boy birthday party, every single one of the suggested activities only need a slight tweak to be made gender specific. The ice breaker game can be made up of matches consisting of Disney princesses for girls, while the outdoor piñata game can be made for boys with a piñata in the shape of a ninja turtle. DIY kits for girls can be bracelet making, cookie decorating, or paper doll creations, while pin the tail on the donkey can become pin the mask on Batman and Robin for the boys.

Decorations set the tone for a child’s birthday party, but it is the activities that will create lasting memories for the kids and the adults alike for years to come.