FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger Hunt Games are suitable for all ages, gender, and pretty much any type of parties. They are entertaining and interactive! Depending on the scale of the party, you could have your guests teamed up as well so it’s more fun!

How to play – 

1) Print Printable Scavenger Hunt Game sheets

2) Distribute to individuals or to a team if playing a team game

3) Ask guests to find the list of things on the game sheet

4) Whoever finishes first wins the game!

free printable birthday party scavenger hunt games

For Mall scavenger games, ensure there is an adult supervising the child or the group if it’s a team game. I’ve made few themed scavenger games including for holiday themes, Christmas, St. Patrick, Easter and Valentine’s day. I hope you like them.

The files come in PDF, so you would need acrobat to open the file if you do not have one already installed you can download them for free at

To download your copy, please click on the image of the theme  you would like below –

free_scavenger_hunt_game free_scavenger_hunt_game_christmas_gingerman free_scavenger_hunt_game_mall free_scavenger_hunt_game_st_patrick free_scavenger_hunt_game_valentines scavenger_hunt_christmasscavenger_hunt_easter_bunny

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