Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party


This Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party created by the wonderful Tala of Perfect Packages was a dream come true for her and her little one. From the abundance of pastel decor to the glitter, and of course lots of unicorns, any little one could adore this magical party.

The dessert table was a sweet arrangement of colors, decor and treats, showing off the theme beautifully.  A backdrop of pinwheels bordering adorable striped butterfly art with a cute banner with the birthday girl’s name set the stage for a delightful party experience.  The table was layered with a blue and purple cover, giving a fun look.  With sweet unicorns and lovely little flower bouquets, this table was perfectly filled with not only tasty treats but also fun decor.  All of the treats were designed to go with the Rainbow Unicorn theme with sweet pastel colors and unicorn labels. The cake was a delight with layers in different tones topped with a fantastic unicorn.

From Tala: “Having a daughter whose favorite color has been pink since the day she was born, has meant that most of her parties have been very pink sided. So when Scarlett asked me for a “rainbow unicorn party with lots of glitter and balloons” (those were her exact words), I jumped for joy and was ready to embrace every color of the pastel rainbow! For a special touch I asked my illustrator to make a clip art of my daughters’ face along with the unicorns and rainbows. Then I set to work on designing the pastel party stationery. For styling, it was so nice to use almost every party prop in my cupboard – from giant butterflies to crepe paper streamers, from paper fans to satin sashes and multi colored Easter baskets.

Looking back, I must admit how much I like the backdrop of my feature table; it is whimsically romantic, yet girlie, sweet and fun all at once. With just 10 little party ladies, it was a quieter party then in past years, but the children still thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their eyes lit up when they were given a unicorn horn to wear upon arrival, and I think they almost could not control their excitement when they saw the large array of party favors, all for their taking when they went home. Not only was the birthday drip-cake encompassed in a glittery rainbow, but it even had a unicorn on top, which made Scarlett very happy, especially as we sang to her on three occasions! I decided early on in my party planning that we would ask for children to be dropped off and offer a “Parents Reception” for 1 hour at the end of the party, so that I could also mingle with the older folks. I have two favorite parts to the party: 1) I adored the “Welcome Craft” activity. Children could design their own photo frames with jewels and glittery alphabet letters. Plus, we took a photo of each child with the Birthday girl and printed them out, so by the time the party was over they had a nice memory to take home and remember the event for weeks/years to come. 2) I had such a giggle when we sang Happy Birthday to Scarlett. It was sung in 3 languages and all the kiddos knew the words, except me! Luckily we managed to get all the singing on video! All in all, it was a success and so long as my little ray of sunshine enjoyed herself, that’s what matters most to me. “

Activities / Games

Decorating Photo Frames

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Pass the Unicorn Parcel

Unicorn Obstacle Relay Race

Follow the Unicorn (Like Simon Says…)

Find the Unicorn Poop (Egg) Hunt

Unicorn Horn Hoop Toss

Musical Statues

Learning the Chicken Dance

Capoeira Session

Unicorn Pinata

Party Favours

(Self Decorated) Photo Frame with Party Photo

Handmade Unicorn Horn Clip

Unicorn Rainbow Stickers

Rainbow M&M’s

Pastel Chocolate Flashing Light Necklaces

Swiss Branche Confetti Chocolate Bar

Unicorn, Hear & Rainbow Paint Stamps

The Last Unicorn DVD

Recorder/Flute Instrument

Mini Bag of Rainbow Cookies

Kids Food

Nutella Star and Butterfly Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese Star Sandwiches

Salty and Sweet Popcorn

Paprika Chips

Cheddar Fish


Candy Floss

Oreo Cookies dipped in Candy Melts

Rainbow Dulce de Leche Bites

Party Ring Cookies

Iced Gem Cookies

Adults Food

Hummus and Veggies

Cheese and Cracker Selection

Olives and Feta Cheese

Paprika Chips


Rainbow Frosted Mini Cupcakes with Glitter

Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Cake (Chocolate filling)


Rainbow Water


Ice Tea

Mineral Water

Coca Cola

Costume / Outfit

Rainbow tulle tutu dress with unicorn graphic ironed onto front

Extra rainbow ribbons glued all over the dress

Hair in two bunches

Unicorn horn headband

Glittery flashing-light pink and gold shoes

Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Art-Frame Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Banner Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Cake Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Candies Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-DVD Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Frame-Decoration-Activity Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Fun-Frame-Decor Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Game Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Glitter-Art Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Invitations Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Lollipops Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Magic-Water Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Sparkling-Puffs Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Stamps Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Star-Sandwiches Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Stickers-Lightup-Necklaces Rainbow-Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table

Credits –

Party Stationery and Event Styling – Perfect Packages

Cake and Cupcakes – Flour Power Cupcakes

Party Ware – Sage Leia

Party Favours – Oriental trading

Unicorn Pinata – Handmade

Unicorn Felt Horn Clips – Handmade



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