Whimsical Marble Birthday Party

Whimsical Marble Birthday Party


This Whimsical Marble Birthday Party was beautifully designed by Ms. Laine Events.  The venue chosen for the party was stunning, with a entire area designated for the guests to sit at with railings and gorgeous outdoor views. Long lines of windows let the light cascade through the room beautifully.

Bringing a touch of nature into the theme, lovely green plants were incorporated throughout the venue.  The guest seating was set up family style with centerpieces of the pretty green plants set at varying heights along with candles, creating a fanatastic depth of dimension. Each place setting featured a personalized mat that said, “Happy 21st Birthday Fion.”

The dessert station was elegantly arranged with the perfect blend of plants and treats for everyone to enjoy.  As a backdrop, lovely shimmering tinsel in silver and gold hung on each side with a bold poster in the center that said, “21.” To fill in the whole look, bouquets of balloons stood tall in silver, white, pink and marbelized silver as well.

At the ftont of the table tall plants stood on each side, adding to the natural look of the venue. The table was covered in white, allowing the soft tones to stand out beautifully. A tall, gorgeous cake with marbelized frosting made a perfect centerpiece with a golden happy birthday topper. It was on a gold cake stand, adding to the elegant display perfectly. At the front of the table the treats were spread out making it simple for the guests to grab their snack of choice.  The back of the table had a fun arrangment of  small green plants set at different heights to give the whole area a lovely, whimisical look. There was even a giant silver pot with greenery at the back corner of the table.

Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cake Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Desserts Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Station Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Dessert Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Golden-Cake-Topper Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Layered-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Place-Settings Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plant-Decor Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plants Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Shimmering-Decorations Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treat-Display Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treats


Stying – Ms. Laine Events

Photography – Daphanie Loong

Baked Treats – The Hare SBH




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