Whimsical Modern Art Party

Oh Goodie Designs really showed their creative flow with this fantastic Colorful, Whimsical, Modern Art Party! Taking advantage of the imaginative options that opened up with such a fun theme, gorgeous arrangements of colors and patterns erupted in this venue in a perfect blend of fun and taste.


The birthday girl was the brains behind the theme, wanting an art party, and that was exactly what she got. Giving a twist to the generic artsy activities, the excellent planners leaned towards giving a crafty blend of things to do to entertain the children while providing a theme to remember.

The invitations were superbly done, a fun design on craft paper that was sure to peak the interest of the guests invited to the party.  Scribble fonts were used for a cute touch that really popped.

The treat table was a blast of color and fun that was sure to keep the kids coming back for more tasty snacks. Gigantic patterned balls hung from the ceiling, filling the area in vibrant layers of colors. A dark board was used at the back of the table to allow the colors to stand out even more brightly. A string of yarn poms in multiple colors was strung across the board adorably.

Snacks given were a great range of healthy and sweet, ensuring that everyone would be happy. Tasty grapes gave a bold addition of purple to the abundance of colors on the table. Carrots and celery added green and orange that was sure to taste yummy! The cupcakes were frosted in a variety of colors, and placed on art boards with paint brushes to really blend the theme into the table perfectly.

The cake was lovely, a circle of white splashed with colors giving it a painted effect. A string of yarn poms was hung across the top of it for a centerpiece that deserved all the attention. Set on a silver tray, this delicious dessert was definitely unique.

Full list of Credits after the Photos:

whimsical-modern-art-party-activities whimsical-modern-art-party-bags whimsical-modern-art-party-bags-confetti whimsical-modern-art-party-decoration-ideas whimsical-modern-art-party-ideas whimsical-modern-art-party-ideas-food-and-little-canva-label-stands whimsical-modern-art-party-thank-you-favors whimsical-modern-art-party-thank-you-favors-labels

Credits –

– Location: The ArtWorks Studio

– Cake: 2Tarts Bakery

– Cupcakes: bon~bon

– Invitations, Favor Tubes & Labels: Sweet Prints

– Yarn Pom Garlands: Shortcake

– Handmade Crayons & Confetti: Preschool Doll (now known as Modern Bungalow)

– Paper Straws:  Shop Sweet LuLu

– Bamboo Plates: Garnish

– Chevron Paper Lanterns & Soda Pop Tumblers: Jonathan Adler

– Paint by Numbers Dress: Lilly Pulitzer

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