Where The Wild Things Are Celebration

Where The Wild Things Are Celebration

Events by Janelle brought this classic storybook to life with a wonderful Where The Wild Things Are Celebration for a very special vip.  The fantastic story was set in the wild so this venue was a fantastic representation of neutral tones and neat outdoor style decorations.

The event was held indoors in a bright, well-lit space so it was easy to see how stunning all the decorations were. A long row of family style seating made a cozy option for enjoying the party food.

This table had a stunning tablecloth that featured a wild style pattern of neutral tones that set the stage for all of the decorations on top. The chairs matched with a soft color and cozy padding to keep the guests nice and comfortable as they visited with each other.

Down the center of the table, a long vine-style swatch of greenery gave a wild touch to the decor.  A copy of the book stood tall on one end while adorable framed art show cased a “wild rumpus.” Crowns with numbers blended beautiful with this centerpiece in shimmering gold.

Each of the guests got to drink from an adorable mason style jar which added to the charm of this party.  They each had a black and white swirly straw to make drinking easy. The place settings were a blast of fun, each one featuring a golden crown to match  the story version. Wild printed plates added bright green to the table, coordinating sweetly with the golden napkins and white silverware.

A tasty looking cake was frosted in brown and had a neat arrangement of crowns and characters from the story standing tall on straws as a topper.

To the side of this guest area, a massive copy of a “Wild Thing,” hung, with a cute “Happy Birthday” banner below him, welcoming the guests to this exciting party in a classic and fun way.


Planning/design – Events by Janelle

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